Yamaha YDP161 Digital Piano
Among the Best Beginner's Keyboard Choice

The ARIUS series has the Yamaha YDP161 digital piano as one of its newest 88 key Yamaha keyboards. This model was released in March 2010 and is seen as a good Yamaha digital piano for beginners and intermediate pianists.

A Great Yamaha Digital Piano for Beginners

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Every detail on the YDP 161 is thought-out and planned well. It has a nice rosewood finishing that would go well with any interior finishing. From afar, the YDP161 looks like an acoustical spinet. Run several scales on its keyboard and you will hear a Yamaha acoustical grand piano thanks to the three-level AWM dynamic stereo sampling.

The Yamaha weighted keyboard provides a “close-enough” acoustic piano playing experience. The YDP 161 has a better hammer action than a 141. It has a 128-note polyphony, which ensures that a pianist can run through a fast legato passage without missing some notes. Its speakers are big and would bode well if you have a large space for the digital piano.

Note that the Yamaha YDP 161 digital piano is a compact console and does not require a large area for it to sit.

Advantages of Yamaha YDP161 Digital Pianos

Yamaha Arius YDP-161 Sound Video Demo

The size of this model is perfect for small apartments. The fear of angry neighbors and irritated housemates is gone since you can plug in a headset so only you can hear your piano playing. Once you have perfected a piece, unplug the headset and play-away!

The adjustable metronome is a great feature for guiding a pianist with the correct tempo. You can select a song from its 50 preset songs and mute the left or right hand so you can practice the song. This option is more for the intermediate and advanced players.

Reverb ranges from room, hall and stage. The two-track recorder is very useful for recording yourself and then replaying it for your scrutiny. If you are composing musical pieces, the YDP161 digital piano is for you.

The Yamaha YDP161 is a console and not a portable keyboard. It's most suitable for the home and is one of the best Yamaha keyboards around.

If you need a starter piano, the Yamaha YDP161 could be the one for you. It was built with quality, durability and performance in mind. At less than $1500, or just over 700, this model is more affordable than an authentic acoustic piano. The Yamaha YDP-161 piano is one of the best value for money purchases for beginners and it does not have any notable disadvantages.

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