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Yamaha's extensive lines of keyboard usually include a Yamaha keyboard stand upon purchase. More often than not, Yamaha stands are apt with the corresponding instrument. However, various reasons can make it necessary to buy a new one.

Different Types of Yamaha Music Stands

yamaha-keyboard-standsThough most stands will fit most keyboards, it is still best to actually fit it against the keyboard to make sure they are compatible. Included stands are typically generic and can accommodate other keyboard brands.

However, there are other models that work best with specific keyboards. An example is the LW15, which works best with a Yamaha DGX300 and a DGC202.

Yamaha's Z-style stand is a tight fit with the PSR series. There are also Yamaha dual keyboard stands designed for professional musicians that are two-tiered, with the upper tier for the synthesizer and the bottom for the actual digital piano.

Yamaha Keyboard Stands for Sale Prices

Deciding on a keyboard stand Yamaha offers is difficult, but here is a short list of what is currently available.

Yamaha PKBZ1 Adjustable Z-Style Stand - This piece of equipment is highly recommended for the PSR-E, PSR, EZ and PSR-E series. The PKBZ1 provides extra solid support for keyboardists who need it for lively and energetic performances. The grip keeps the keyboard from slipping or flying off during extra vigorous performances. The average price is $50.

Yamaha L3C Bolt-On Keyboard Stand - Priced at an affordable $30, the L3C Bolt-On Yamaha keyboard stand is designed to hold Yamaha EZ and PSR portable keyboards. This stand is very stable and can be easily put up and down, making it suitable for travel.

Yamaha YKA7500 Pro X-Style Stand - This is the perfect choice for professional performers because it is heavy-duty build. It is ideal for both keyboards and synthesizers. What makes it particularly unique is its adjustable support at the top that can secure keyboards that has more depth than traditional keyboards. The extra large rubber feet make it very firm and stable. This stand is more expensive at $80.

Yamaha PKBX2 Adjustable Double Braced X-Style Keyboard Stand - The PKBX2 is an X-style stand that features six different levels of lockable heights and its sides have double bracing, making it sturdier than many other stands. It's available at most online and offline music stores for only $35.

Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Stand - The PKBS1 models are also X-style Yamaha keyboard stands designed for keyboard hobbyists and entry level keyboardists. It can easily be set up, folded and lugged away because it is very slim and light. It has a circular locking device and knob that allow six height levels. It provides stability, usability and portability at a very reasonable price of $25.

Yamaha MS100 - This is a lightweight music stand that is perfect for homes and classrooms. It is foldable and fits snugly in its custom-made “gig” bag. The music stand's fold-out extensions can hold up to three 8.5 by 11-inch sheet music. The book plate itself can be adjusted to accommodate a player in a standing or sitting position. The MS500 is the professional edition. It is designed and built solidly which makes it perfect for performing artists.

If you're looking for a different Yamaha keyboard stand you can also choose from the following:

  • PKBB1 - A portable X-style keyboard bench that can be used with any synthesizer and keyboard
  • LC3 - Attachable and very secure stand for Yamaha's EZ portable and PSR keyboards.
  • LW16- Is made in a natural wood finish and is the matched stand for the DGX digital piano.

Yamaha speaker stands and Yamaha music sheets are sold separately.

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