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Why Buy Yamaha Digital Pianos or Electronic Keyboards?

From Yamaha keyboard reviews, musicians and critics agree that Yamaha electronic keyboards have just the "perfect pitch".

yamaha-keyboard-reviewsTrue, all keyboards are tuned based on a tuning fork of A-440. However, no other brand was initially and painstakingly tuned by its “tuner” with a tuning fork glued to his ear.

Torakusu Yamaha was not a musician. He was a watch-maker and a mechanic who had the opportunity to fix a reed organ. Yamaha's encounter with the reed organ in 1887 started. By 1892, Yamaha Organ Works (later to Nippon Gakki Co, Ltd then to Yamaha Corporation) exported its first shipment of organs. From then on the company expanded to acoustic pianos, electric keyboards and Yamaha digital pianos, string and wind instruments and more.

Yamaha keyboards come in varied lines for entry-level musicians to advanced music students and stage performers and artists. The brand has a long line of current and legacy keyboard products that continue to satisfy its players.

Yamaha Home Keyboards Review

Under this category you can buy Yamaha portable keyboards with entry level 61 keys; piano-focused portable with 76 or 88 keys; synth-focused portable with 61 keys; workstations; lighted instruments and music lab for teachers.

Yamaha PSR-S550 Keyboard Demonstration Movie

Entry-level portable keyboards

have the PSR and YPT series which have numerous models. The series includes “fun” sounds and styles like drum beats, fill-in and ending that are easy to integrate while playing. The series has modified settings built-into a Yamaha keyboard piano that are actually learning tools for beginners to “teach” themselves.

PSR-E313 Yamaha keyboard reviews point out that this model features a realistic piano-like touch, bass ports and dual split functions, with backlit LCD screen, 2-track recorder and a Flash ROM capability. It has 482 GM and Xlite voices, 4 chorus effects and 9 digital reverbs and bank of 100+ accompaniment styles, sound effects and a built-in metronome.

Other models for sale are: PSR-E223, PSR-E323, PSR-170 and PSR-E213. The Yamaha YPT entry-level series includes: YPT-210; YPT-220 and YPT-310.


portables have the 76-keys and dual features for learning to play - (Yamaha Education Suite) and features when it's time to “gig”- synthesizer bells and whistles. Current models have USB and Flash ROM for computer accessibilities; easy song arranger functions; pitch bend wheel for authentic guitar and horn sounds including 20 arpeggio voices. Models under this line are: PSR-E4113, PSR-E423 and YPT-410.

Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-630 Performance Review


portable Yamaha keyboards have models that range form 76-88-notes. This line has graded soft touch action, pitch bend wheel, built-in recorder, stereo piano sound and a USB port for computer connectivity. Models in this line are: YPG-235; YPG- 535; DGX-220; DGX-230; DGX-520; DGX-530 and DGX-620.

Arranger Workstation

is the Yamaha keyboard for beginning and advanced music arrangers and composers. It has 16-track sequencer, mega-voice technology and computer connectivity .The two major lines are the Tyros series and the PSR-S series.

Lighted Yamaha digital keyboards

have the keys light up for easy learning. Aptly called the Yamaha EZ keyboards, these models would do well for small children and beginning adults.

Yamaha Professional Synthesizers and Workstations

The Yamaha Pro series is for the professional arrangers and composers.

Yamaha Motif ES Sounds Video Demo

A popular model is the Yamaha MO8-88 key music production synthesizer and workstation. It has a full range set of authentic sounds and a wide-range of musical functions and features. Its weighted keys are touch-sensitive, 256 performance presets and user presets, 64-note polyphony and USB port for computer connectivity. MO8 Yamaha has 128 GM tones, 64 drum kits, and 512 voice instruments.

Other lines in this series are: Motif XF, Motif XS, MMS, MM6 and MO8.

Yamaha S Keyboards

are for the gigging professional as they're the best “partner” synthesizers for a performer. In this line are the S70XS and S90XS. The S90ES has the realistic acoustical sound of weighted keys and the functions of a synthesizer. Its large 53 MB is dedicated to the piano voice of the Yamaha grand piano S700 which makes this mode very expressive. It has 49 chorus types, 20 reverbs, 8 master effect types, 3 band equalizer for parts and 5 band master equalizer and more.

Yamaha Professional Stage Piano

includes the CP1, CP5, CP-50, CP-300, and CP-33. The CP1 is the best Yamaha keyboard - a flagship model with the ultimate vintage electric and acoustic piano touch and stone- perfect for the demanding and meticulous professional musicians. The series uses the Spectral Component Modeling (SCM) system for tone generation.


is a Yamaha digital piano that could also be classified under the keyboard series but it is best discussed under the digital piano category.

Conclusion about Yamaha Keyboards

You can buy Yamaha keyboards for sale off line and online with a huge range of selection. It's possible to match a new Yamaha piano keyboard to a player according to his or her style and requirements. From the legacy DJX and current PSR series to the top of the line Yamaha Motif keyboard, there is perfect match for every musician.

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