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yamaha-grand-pianoLittle did Torakusu Yamaha know that his watch-making skills would lead him into manufacturing one of the top brands in grand pianos today.

A Yamaha grand piano is truly the result of more than a century of good craftsmanship, research and the application of new technology and materials in piano-making.

Over the years, Yamaha Corporation has had a long list of grand pianos products. The series are labeled: A1, GB1, GC1, GC2, C1, C2, C3, C5, C6, C7, CF IIIS, S4, S6, CF4, CF6 and CFX.

Yamaha Concert Grand Pianos

A Yamaha concert grand piano is a much coveted musical instrument for budding and professional artists. Since the needs of each pianist differ, Yamaha has designed and manufactured different styles and sizes of grand pianos for its discerning clientele.

Yamaha CS 8'3" Concert Grand Piano demonstration

The Yamaha A1 series is a diminutive baby grand that has been patterned after Yamaha's famous C series. The length is a mere 4'11” but its richness of tone belies this fact. The A1 is perfect for smaller homes and music studios. The price is set at $16,500.

The Yamaha GB1 series is one of the most affordable Yamaha grand pianos. It's compact enough to fit in most rooms but has enough power and richness of tone due to its solid spruce soundboard. With a smooth key action and sostenuto third pedal, this piece is the best value for entry-level grand pianos. Models include the GB1KPE, GB1KPAW and GB1KPM.

The Yamaha GC1 series is a combination of the rich tones and duplex scaling of the C1 grand piano but uses more cost-saving materials and production for an affordable, yet highly expressive, instrument. Models include the GC1MPE, GC1MPM, GC1WPWH, GC1MSAW, GC1MPAW and GC1MPBIV.

The Yamaha GC2 series brings down the price range of Yahama grand pianos even more. The 68-inch grand delivers superior sound quality and a very responsive keyboard. This line belongs to the much-awarded Yamaha G-series and has become one of the most popular musical instruments in recent years.

The Yamaha Grand Piano C Series

The C1 series is the Conservatory Collection Grand Piano. This line is primarily designed for ultimate performance in small concert halls and for use in music schools. The keys are made of Ivorite®, which feel like authentic ivory keys. The size is compact yet has a resonant and expressive control.

Brand New Yamaha C7 video demonstration

Models in this series include the C1MPAW, C1MPBIV, C1MPE, C1MPM, C1MPWH and C1MSAW. The C series also has the Yamaha C3 grand piano, C2, C5, C6, and Yamaha C7 grand piano.

The Yamaha C7 grand piano is the top in the Concert Collection Grand Piano series measuring 7'6”. These are the Yamaha pianos of choice in prestigious music events, concerts and international competitions. What make this piano unique are its mellow sostenuto and rich tones. The models are the C7MPE and C&MPWH.

Another popular model is the Yamaha C3 grand piano. At 6'1” in length, its apparent reverberation and plush harmonics are able to meet the rigorous requirements of professional performers and concert pianists. This grand piano is able to produce expressive tonal quality and control.

The C series is indeed the best-seller in the grand piano category the world over. However, do not be limited to the C series. Have a look at some of grand pianos. There is a right Yamaha grand for you.

Yamaha Grand Piano Prices

Playing a $150.000 Yamaha Piano

Your local music store probably has a Yamaha grand piano for sale. Look for websites that sell Yamaha pianos. You can even peruse the classified ads for Yamaha prices. To give you an idea how much a brand new Yamaha grand costs, here is a short list:

  • GC1 baby grand - $19,500
  • GC2 grand - $32,500
  • GB1 grand - $11,000
  • C3 grand - $28,000
  • C7 grand - $47,000
  • C5 grand - $33,000
  • C6 grand - $37,500

Note that each series has various models under them and prices vary.

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