Yamaha Disklavier Piano
The Infamous Baby Grand Yamaha Player Piano

The Yamaha Disklavier piano is a convergence of technology and art.

yamaha-disklavierInnovations in technology are steps into the creation of gadgets, tools and devices that are no longer unusual in the 21st century, but rather expected. They assist us in making our lives and jobs a little easier and more convenient to do.

How Did the Disklavier Yamaha Player Piano Come About?

A Disklavier baby grand is akin to a modern day Yamaha player piano and more! It is a hybrid of acoustical and digital pianos introduced to the public in 1986.

Computer technology made it possible for Yamaha to design and manufacture an instrument that is able to mimic a live acoustic piano and ensemble music complete with musical backing and vocal tracks. Through push-button technology it provides the sounds of an entire band at the touch of a button.

The First Yamaha Disklavier Piano

The first generation of Disklavier baby grand pianos made by Yamaha gave the world a glimpse of the future as it equipped a traditional acoustic piano with digital electronics to make it possible to record, auto playback, orchestrate and more. Over time more technological breakthroughs brought improvements to Yamaha's Disklavier.

There are now more than 20 Disklavier baby grand piano models on the market. Yet, despite all the integrated technology, the piano's acoustical qualities are not compromised.

Many music enthusiasts, pianists, educators and composers find the Disklavier pianos a great option as a personal piano. The Disklavier permits you to record and play-back your performance or composition. You can directly connect the Disklavier to computers and the Internet for updates. You can create a multi-track arrangement for your composition and you can customize a Disklavier's functions to suit your requirements.

Disklavier Pianodisc Technology

The Pianodisc is actually a digital system that you can install onto any acoustical piano to upgrade it into a mergence of acoustic and digital pianos. There is no Disklavier Pianodisc rather a Disklavier PianoSmart™ technology.

The Yamaha DGC1 M4 Silent Disklavier is a popular model. It features a huge library of music that you can listen or sing along with. Though its 80-GB hard drive seems small, it's large enough for what it's used for. It's also very efficient. It has a built-in silence system so you can practice to your heart's content without disturbing the rest of the household. The price averages at $32,000.

Other Yamaha Disklavier piano models include: DGC1ME3; DGB1KE3; DGC2E3; DC1E3; DC1M4; DC2E3; DC5M4PRO; DCFIIISM4PRO; DC7M4PRO; the DS6M4PROB and more. How much for the DS6M4PROB? $90,000 US only.

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