Yamaha Digital Pianos
Comparison of Clavinova Yamaha Electric Piano Series

The Yamaha digital pianos are one of the best buy choices when it comes electronic piano brands.

yamaha-digital-pianosIts celebrity endorser is Elton John who even has his own model called the Elton John Red Piano, a Disklavier.

Surely a composer, arranger and performer of such caliber will not attach his name to a mediocre product. Other digital pianos fail to meet the qualities of a Yamaha electric piano in terms of acoustical sound, feel and touch.

The digital piano market is saturated with products that it is actually a task to source for the “best” digital piano especially for an inexperienced person.

What Makes Yamaha Electronic Pianos Unique?

Many electric pianos are so inexpensive yet the sounds they produced are more often than not, metallic and thin. Even a great piano player will not be able to produce good music on an inferior digital piano.

yamaha-electronic-pianoYamaha digital pianos, however, include the Graded Hammer Effect which basically means that the lower keys are heavier to the touch and that the higher keys are lighter to play. This feature is essentially “weighted key”, a must-have for any digital piano.

Yamaha uses the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Dynamic Stereo Sampling to create realistic sound for their electric piano series. The system also includes the recording of various sounds in different levels of pianissimo to fortissimo, which to equal to the waveforms of a true acoustical piano.

Yamaha Digital Piano Review

The company first came up with the Clavinova as its flagship Yamaha electronic piano. In the course of Yamaha's continuous quest for perfection and high quality musical products, the company soon introduced the Disklavier piano, the Silent piano and the Hybrid pianos.

Under the digital piano series were added: the MODUS; the ARIUS; the Portable Grand; the P-series and, of course, the expansive Clavinova line which now includes the traditionals, grands and ensembles.

Yamaha MODUS

Yamaha Modus F11 Moving Keys Video Demonstration

This is Yamaha's offering for a designer piano. The line offers great authentic piano sound encased in non-traditional, sophisticated and truly unique cabinetry.

Sleek and streamlined, the MODUS line of Yamaha digital piano is a perfect addition to any contemporary home the back plate (available in red, orange, and blue and ebony) would readily blend in to any wall.

The sound of the digital keyboard is not compromised in anyway. Its 88 weighted keys are made of natural wood. The tone is generated by AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling technology. It has a 64-note polyphony, reverb, and dual and split effects, preset songs, recording and playback functions, built-in metronome, can transpose and has connectivity and storage functions. Under the Yamaha MODUS line are:

  • FO1- slim and contemporary
  • F11- the same features as the FO1 plus ModusRadio streaming
  • HO1- has a futuristic and space-saving look but with the same superior sound quality and technology of Yamaha digital pianos
  • H11- the same features of HO1 plus
  • RO1- simple but elegant design
Yamaha ARIUS

Yamaha Arius YDP-160 Entry Level Pianos Demo

This line of Yamaha digital piano is the perfect piano for entry level students. Other models in this line would do well for experienced piano players too.

The feel, tone, sound and nuances of the ARIUS are truly acoustical made possible by the Graded Hammer keyboards system and AWM stereo sampling technology applied to all Yamaha digitals. It features a half-damper effect for sostenuto control and capable of dual voice for playing two different sounds simultaneously.

The Arius line has reverb, chorus, DSP, split and dual layers, storage and recording capacity, internet connectivity and more. The LCD has a score and lyrics display function to boot.

The Arius line includes: YDP-V240, YDP-181, YDP-161, YDP-141, YDP-S31, YDP-223, YDP-140 and YDP-160.

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano Series

Yamaha Digital Grand Piano

Enya Midnight Blue On Yamaha Digital Grand

Yamaha electric pianos are definitely more affordable than its acoustical counterpart and its Clavinova Yamaha digital grand piano series is no exemption. It has the bright and whole tone sound and resonance of a true acoustical grand plus the added functions and features of a digital piano at less the price -more value for the price.

The look is the same as a traditional grand complete with a hinged adjustable hinge. It has a soundboard that even acoustical piano purists will have no cause to complain.

The Clavinova Yamaha grand piano uses real wood keys to simulate the feel and touch of a real grand piano, complementing its graduated weighted keys.

This is the top of the line in the Clavinova series. Included in the current line are: CCLP-295 GP, CLP-265 GP, CVP-409GP and CGP-1000.

Traditional Yamaha CLP Series

Clavinova CLP Series Demonstration Movie

The Clavinova CLP series include both upright and Yamaha digital baby grand piano. This line is perfect for the home, studio and even for performance stage.

As with the other Yamaha digital pianos, this series uses the AWM (Advance Wave Memory) and Graded Hammer (GH) Effect system and technology for a real acoustical piano feel tone and sound. The Clavinova Traditional line has the same technical capabilities, features and functions of other Yamaha electronic pianos.

The CLP-380 is a flagship model under the Clavinova Traditional. It uses the 5-level AWM dynamic stereo sampling and Tri-amp technology system to maximize Pure CF Sampling technique to produce the best realistic sound quality. It has a built-in LAN port for internet connectivity for streaming piano radio programs and more.

Other current models in the series are: CLP-370, CLP-340, CLP-320, CLP-S308PE, CLP-265GP, CLP-330, CLP-S306PE and CLP-295GP.

Ensemble Yamaha CVP Series

Peter Baartmans and the Yamaha CVP-409 Reviews

The CVP series has more to offer in terms of built-in accompaniments and rhythms. Its built-in sequencing software allows for the recording and playing of piano performances.

Its features give musicians more options when performing or composing. The CVP series is truly a one-man band as any simple piano performance can be turned into a full orchestra performance with the flick of switches and buttons.

The sound produced by the Clavinova CVP is subtle yet rich and whole encompassing a wide range of dynamics form pianissimo to fortissimo. Aside from the usual bells and whistles of a Yamaha digital piano, this series is capable of direct connection to the internet and karaoke function, making this series the most popular choice for families.

Current models are: CVP-509, CVP-505, CVP-503, CVP-501, CVP-409GP and CGP-1000.

The Yamaha P-series and Portable Grand series are also worth considering for compact models.

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