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Review of The Yamaha YPG535 88-Key Portable Grand

There is no doubt Yamaha manufactures some of the best digital pianos today. True, there are countless brands and models of digital pianos saturating the market today but, if you want the best one, get a Yamaha digital grand piano.

The majority of digital pianos are very affordable. More often than not, these inexpensive models produce metallic and “thin” tones that will gradually sound shrill as you become more adept in recognizing finely- toned electric pianofortes.

It's better to invest in quality entry-level Yamaha electric grand piano than any cheap and generic digital piano if you are serious about making steady progress in your piano lessons and playing.

To truly understand how good these pianos are you should ask an advanced piano student or a professional piano player and chances are they will recommend a Yamaha digital baby grand piano. Of course, an acoustic piano is better, but, if budget is a factor, quality digital grand pianos are better options than inferior acoustical keyboards.

What Are Some Good Yamaha Digital Grand Pianos?


Yamaha YP-535
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Among the best for value is the Yamaha YPG535 88 key portable grand piano with power supply which comes with the Graded Soft Touch technology patented by Yamaha. The musical instrument is capable of producing quality sound and recording performances with its built-in recording system. For connectivity to the internet and other MP3 devices, it has a USB port.

It has 32 polyphony and 127 + 361 XGlite + 12 Drum/SFX Kits voices. Featured are dual/layered and split effects. Also included are nine types of reverb, four chorus types and five types of Master EQ. The most important thing is its capability to teach an entry-level student how to play the piano through its integrated easy-to-understand and very effective learning system.

To take advantage of this learning system all you need to do is load of the YPG 535's songs (there are 100 total, including those on the CD) and the notes will be shown on the large LCD screen. Choose the lesson mode options that you prefer and start learning to play the piano.

Yamaha YPG-535 Video Review & Demonstration

The integrated piano lessons are: wait mode; your tempo mode and minus one mode. These modes lessons grade you on your progress. If you have the confidence and skill to play music sheets, you can download any song directly from the Internet into the YPG 535. Songs in MIDI format can then be displayed as music notation on the large LCD. The keyboard can also record any song that you play and play it back with the added musical score.

The keyboard is screwed down tight with the free portable stand.

Cons of a Yamaha YPG-535 Electric Grand Piano

The volume is a bit too low. However, turning volume on full emits a distorted sound, likely due to the speakers not being large enough to sustain full volume. The sound quality is better when using headphones. The keys at the higher register seem to be harder to press.

Costing just under $500, this Yamaha digital grand piano is a good starter instrument. Click here for the lowest online price in the US if you want to buy one.

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