Yamaha Baby Grand Piano
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In principle, a Yamaha baby grand piano can be called a baby horizontal piano.

Horizontal pianos are commonly known as grand pianos. They are called horizontal because of their length and horizontal placement of strings.

Grand pianos are preferred by professional and concert pianists because they generally produce finer tones and are more responsive in terms of key action. It's important to note that there are six basic types or sizes of Yamaha pianos.

Choosing the Type of Baby Grand Piano Yamaha Offers

Yamaha C2 baby grand video demonstration

  • Petite Grands range from 4'5” to 4'10”. It is the smallest of the grand pianos but nevertheless has a powerful sound and good tonal value. A good example is the Yamaha A1 piano.
  • Baby Grand pianos measure from 4'11” to 5'6” in length. It is a very popular type because, aside from its aesthetics, it produces great sound quality. It is also quite affordable.
  • Medium Grand pianos range from 5'7” to 5'8”.
  • Parlor Grand and medium grand pianos can be combined into one category because their length can range from 5'7” to 5'9”. Sometimes pianos under this size are considered baby grands too.
  • Ballroom or Semiconcert Grand pianos are anywhere from 6'2” up to 7'.
  • Concert Grands range from 7' up to around 9'. Yamaha's CFIIIS and CFX are 9 feet long and are the prime concert grands of Yamaha.

Yamaha Baby Grand Pianos for Sale

Yamaha's baby grand piano models include the C1, C2, GC2, GB1, GB1K and GC1M.

Yamaha GC-1 baby Grand Piano demonstration

The Yamaha C1 is 5'3” inches long and is part of the C Series, which offers excellent sound quality, an expressive control and broad dynamic range. The C2 and GC2 are Yamaha's largest baby grand pianos at 5'8”. It has an advanced scale design, a tone collector system, solid spruce for ribs and soundboard, duplex scaling and more. Yamaha specifically season their pianos according to their destination, so you can be sure that a baby grand piano Yamaha sends to the US market is treated accordingly.

The Yamaha GC1M is only 5'3” long but has the tonal quality, powerful sound and expressive range qualities of classical Yamaha pianofortes. All of the above Yamahas are commendable choices for smaller rooms or for those with a limited budget, price around $26,000 to $27,500.

At just 60 inches, the Yamaha GB1 and Yamaha GB1K are the smallest baby grand pianos offered by Yamaha. They produce a first-rate sound and expressive tone. Modifications in materials and methods of construction have made these baby grands the most affordable of the Yamaha baby grand piano product line. The price is very low at just $11,500.

Thinking of a Yamaha digital piano? Yamaha offers an extensive range called Disklavier and Clavinova. These two instruments are quite expensive though, so if you just need a form of keyboard that is really affordable then look at some digital keyboards for bargain prices.

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