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What are Weber Upright & Baby Grand Pianos Value?

The noted Weber pianos tone was highly lyrical and warm as preferred by opera singers.


A too brilliant treble scale could definitely “drown” a coloratura. A too mellow treble would not do for a full symphony orchestra.

The baby grand piano by Weber met the requirements of an opera singer and a professional pianist. A well-balanced bass and treble registers is its outstanding quality.

According to a well-known piano critic, pianos under the current Weber label line fall under Group 3A category labeled as “Better Quality Consumer Grade Pianos”.

Basically this means used Weber piano sale price is worth the product for high-level performance and high quality piano made in Korea.

Short Weber Pianos History

Albert Weber was a young German piano prodigy who came all the way from his native Bavaria. Being a perfectionist and superior pianist, he was not content with the touch and tone of existing brands of pianos in the 19th century.

Antique Weber Upright Piano

Weber packed his back and migrated to the United States where he apprenticed under notable American piano-makers of those days like D.J. Van Winkle and Charles Holder. By the time Albert was 23 years old he has made his own piano giving it it's distinctively “Weber” tone.

The year was 1852 and from then Weber Company produced high quality vertical and horizontal Weber piano that graced many Royal home in Europe, the Vatican and was the choice of some of the most notable artists and orchestras of that era.

The company was absorbed by the Aeolian company at the turn of the 20th century until it dissolved in 1985. The first serial number indicated on a Weber's piano was made in 1903-54700 and the last was in 1978 - 100733.

Weber Piano Company was sold to Samsung where the Korean piano company Young Chang was its sole manufacturer. To date, Young Chang owns the brand Weber and had even hired noted American piano-designer Del Fandrich to re-design its whole line of Young Chang - the Albert Weber pianos line.

Weber Piano for Sale Prices

The Weber grand piano series has three lines: Albert Weber, Weber Sovereign and Weber Legend.

  • The Albert Sovereign has AW-57 5'9” parlor grand; AW-60 6'1” parlor grand; AW-69 6'10” ballroom grand; AW-76 7'9” concert grand and the AW-90 9' full concert grand with value appraisal price of $60,000.
  • The Sovereign has the WSG-51 Weber baby grand piano at 5'1”; the WSG-57 at 5'9” and the WSG-60 at 6'1”. The Weber Legend series are comprised of WKG-50 baby grand at 4'11”; the WLG-51 at 5'2': the WLG 57 at 5'9” and the WLG -60 at 6'1”.
  • The Weber upright piano series has the Albert Weber line of AW-48 and AW-52. The Sovereign series comprise of WSF-44, WSF-47, WSF-48 and the WSF-52.
  • The Legend series has four models namely: WLE-410, WLE-460, WLE-480 and the most expensive in the line is Weber WLE-520 for sale at $6,000 plus.

Quality of Weber Pianos Today

Used Weber Grand Piano Demonstration by Jim Ryan

The Weber tone might not be as evident to models made Young Chang. Most piano enthusiasts and technicians agree that the new line of pianos were modeled after the Young Chang traditional, professional artist series and platinum series. However, Del Fandrich redesigned the whole line and the Weber line has a low-tension scale that results in a tone with warmth and “romantic” character.

Each Weber uses AAA solid sitka spruce for soundboard. The wood is very strong to withstand the constant pounding of the keys to the hammer to string yet lightweight enough to be asymmetrically tapered according to Albert Weber's specification. The result is a deep, rich, vibrant and balanced tone of the bass and treble. The grand series uses Renner blue hammers and action and Roslau strings.

As of this writing the Weber digital piano under the manufacturer Young Chang is still in the drawing board. However the 1999 editions such as WD65, WD 75 and WDG960 are available second hand with free shipping if you order online.

The AW-57 baby grand and the AW-48 upright are two of Weber's bestsellers.

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