Used Steinway Pianos
Rebuilt Antique Steinway Vintage Piano Buying Guide

Used Steinway pianos, if maintained properly, can still be musically and aesthetically viable for vintage Steinway enthusiasts.

There are a lot of online and offline stores that sell old Steinway pianos. Most are antique Steinway piano models that date back from the late 19th century up to the 1930s.

The period from 1875 to 1932 is known as the Golden Age of American piano-making. This was the era when the piano had no competitor in the home entertainment area.

During those years there was a convergence of the right materials, superb craftsmen and an eager market. It was the time when some of the greatest names in piano-making history were founded and established.

Quality of Steinway Vintage Pianos

Fine pianos manufactured during the golden years ultimately wore out, but a great number of antique Steinway pianos were rebuilt and restored thanks to those highly skilled piano technicians. What is the difference between them?

Used Steinway Grand Pianos for Sale
Starting at $11K

A used Steinway piano that has been restored is one that has been tuned and repaired to make it playable. A rebuilt Steinway piano is one that has been completely reconstructed with new parts. A rebuilt Steinway piano will look, sound and play like it is a brand new pianoforte.

The sound quality of a rebuilt Steinway vintage piano should at least be par with when it was new, or better than a currently manufactured similar type and size piano.

There seem to be more antique grands than antique Steinway upright pianos being sold today. The reason behind this is that even during the Golden Age of American piano-making uprights were not popular models.

Uprights are not the perfect choice for complete restoration or rebuilding especially if the plates and rims have cracked. With a grand, restoration or rebuilding is possible as long as its casing, bridges, plate, keyboard and rim are quite intact.

Restoration or rebuilding takes time to do. If you are lucky and you have a highly qualified piano technician for the restoration, you can enjoy your grand in a year's time.

Sales of Used Steinway Pianos

Note that you should only try to restore used Steinways, or pianofortes in general, that were built from 1875 to 1932. A pianoforte made prior to 1875 is not worth restoring. A piano manufactured after the 1930s is not vintage enough to be restored.

The sale of restored Steinways is thriving as there are more hobbyists and pianists who are into the preservation of this musical instrument. A good used Steinway piano is in demand. Steinway piano restoration is current and ongoing and many can be found at vintage Steinway piano sales.

If you plan on buying a pre-owned or restored Steinway, make sure you have a written authentication that all the parts of the restored instrument are genuine Steinway parts. Since Steinway still manufactures pianos and spare parts then it is possible to rebuild a Steinway using authentic parts.

It is interesting to note that some antique Steinways restored and for sale once graced famous homes, music schools and festivals. There are probably some restored vintage grands that were once played by famous pianists of that golden era.

An Old Steinway Piano - The A-2 1903 Quarter Sawn Oak

A completely rebuilt Steinway A-2 1903 Quarter Sawn Oak is a medium grand measuring 73 inches.

The style of the casing is Renaissance and is in excellent condition. This grand was made to order by the Black family of Chock Full O' Nuts Coffee Company fame and was also once owned by singer Kenny Rogers. This Steinway is one of a kind and is probably one of the most stunning pianofortes ever restored. It is currently priced at US$223,500 and is down from its original price of $390,000.

A used Steinway piano does not necessarily mean vintage or antique. Vintage or antique Steinways are heirlooms that should be treasured. They are sought after by collectors, investors and piano lovers the world over because of its quality, value, authenticity. There is pride and prestige in owning a Steinway.

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