Used Pianos for Sale

There are plenty of used pianos for sale online and offline.

used-pianos-for-saleYou can check out the newspaper's advertisement section and you'd probably find a couple of used instruments or sale. Browse online and you would be surprised by the number of websites that sell used pianos. There are also websites that take in advertisements for second-hand pianos for sale.

Caution should be practiced though because there are also dealers who sell used baby grands of dubious quality. It is best to buy a used piano from a reputable dealer or directly from the owner.

There are few things to consider when buying old pianos. Those knowledgeable in the field will most likely suggest that you have a quality piano technician to look over a used piano before you buying it. Note that antique pianos are not really the kind of instrument that an entry level pianist should consider.

Tips on Buying Used Pianos for Sale

As mentioned before, it is best if you could have a tuner-technician to look over the piano especially if you find the piano's sound and touch to your liking. If you are just initially considering a purchase, inspect each key and play each one by one while the right hand pedal is depressed so as to get its true tone.

Make sure that the pedal, hammers and keyboards do not squeak and that the hammers are free from rust.

Pros & Cons of Buying a Used Piano to last for a Lifetime

As you play the keys, check them for looseness. It should not move more than 1/16 of an inch on either side. Check the lower register keys as they are most likely to get stuck when played. The middle keys should be quite right to touch and must not show particular wear as they are the keys played most often. Check the action. It should be fairly elastic to your touch.

“Smell” the piano. If it has a musty smell, do not even consider buying the piano as it could have mold which is not only undesirable but also hazardous to your health. Check the bottom board by unclipping it and see if there are signs of insect and mouse infestations.

Inspect the soundboard for cracks and other defects. Check that the strings are evenly spaced and are not touching each other. The piano has a lot of mechanical parts that it is really quite a task to look over each mechanical component i.e. the soundboard, pin-blocks and bridges.

More often than not, a 10 -year old branded piano could cost as much as brand new piano made by a lesser brand. The choice is entirely up to you.

If the used piano for sale is of a higher quality in terms tone, touch and craftsmanship opting for the pre-owned unit would seem a better choice than a brand new piano that has inferior touch, tone and craftsmanship.

If used pianos for sale appear to be in good condition and are priced reasonably, you can then get the services of a pro technician so he could check the piano's condition, their appraised value and cost of repairs if any. Based on these facts, you can then offer the seller a price.

Some dealers of used piano for sale online offer warranty for the pianos. Others offer escrow payment for the security of both buyers and sellers.

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