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Where to Buy Technics Electronic Keyboards for Sale?

There was nothing to beat the innovations and advance technology of a Technics keyboard.

Technics-keyboardsTechnics electronic keyboard and synthesizers were the top in the line back in the days and it is indeed a wonder why its mother company, Panasonic, retired its line of electric keyboards in the early 2000s.

Except for its line of SL-1200 turntables and digital piano, keyboards are no longer part of the brand. According to keyboard aficionados there is still nothing that matches the sound and “user friendliness” of Technics brand.

Short Technics Company History and Background Information

Technics was a brand name used by Matsushita to market its line of loudspeakers in the 1960s. The line gradually grew to include turntables, cassette systems, electronic organs and keyboards. The 1970s was the year modern organ playing took off and it could well be said that owning a Technics was the ultimate in electronic organs and keyboards.

Matsushita continued to manufacture keyboards, organ and digital pianos. Technics music keyboards were at the top rung in its niche because music arrangers, professional musicians and performing artists simply prefered to choose the brand. The keyboard series has a line basic enough for music hobbyists and a line for serious musicians, composers and arrangers.

When Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co, LTD used Technic, National and Panasonic as brand names until the early 2000s when the 1918 founded Matsushita Company changed from Panasonic Corporation to Panasonic effective in March 2010.

Technics Keyboards Overview

Technics KN6000 Keyboard Piano Jam Demonstration

When the production of keyboards under the brand name Technics ceased, that was a great loss in the music industry.

Most Technics owners were concerned as Technics keyboard parts might not longer be available. However, the concern was short-lived as there are plenty of keyboard repairs service persons who are qualified to look into any electronic-related problem.

There are numerous series that came out of the production line for Technic keyboard. The more popular series were: Technics GA-3; GX-7; 7000; SX-P30; SX-P50; SX-PC15; SX-PC25; SX-PR51; SX-PR700; SX-WSA1; WSA-1; WSA-1R. These series are composed of traditional organs, digital pianos and portable keyboards.

Another series is the KC 200; 211 and 611 which are portable keyboard too.

The Technics KN series comprised of state-of-the-art (back then) technology dealing with music production, performance and arrangement. These are the Technics keyboard SX-KN1400; 1600; 2400; 5000; 501; 6000; 6500 and the famed Technics KN7000 keyboard.

What is Technics Electronic Keyboard Sound Quality Like?

Technics electric keyboards are noted for their rounded and full sound in both the treble and bass registers. The keys are very responsive. The instrument sounded by the bass, woodwinds, reeds and percussion are near to its real counterparts. The oboe and English horn are deep and full.

Overall the sound of a Technics is rich, deep, expressive and perpetually “tuned”.

The different sounds, styles and effects made by the keyboard depend on the model. Take for example the KN series where the higher models are arrangers and synthesizers. There is no sound that cannot be expertly reproduced in a higher model keyboard by Technics. The sound produced has none of that pitchy-tin-like sound evident in lower-quality keyboards.

Technics KN7000 Keyboard

Technics-keyboardThe Technics KN7000 is a professional grade synthesizer. The sounds produced are fuller and more realistic. The speakers are built-in and have enough power for the home and in small public venues.

The specification is amazing: 61 keys; 128-note polyphony; 1,187 sounds with 2 organ drawbars 3 organ tabse and accordion registers; 41 drum kits. Its sounds are piano, guitar, strings & vocal, brass, mallet, woodwind and more. It can transpose up to two octaves and has about 220 preset patterns X 4 variations and more.

It has a 16-track sequencer and 8-track composer for creating and arranging music. It also has a vocal harmonizer, SD memory card, LCD display and a host of other technical innovations for ease of use.

Finding Technics Keyboards for Sale

Technics keyboard worth and appraisal value varies. Though there are no new units available now, there are still a lot of prime used keyboards for sale that you can buy online cheaply with great discount, find from a local dealer through craigslist or buy from online auction at ebay.

Alternatively, here are Technics digital pianos you can buy cheaply.

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Updated October 7, 2010
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