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Electric Keyboard Features with Acoustic Pianos Touch & Feel

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The Technics digital piano may be designed and made to sound like an acoustic piano but it is still quite not the "real" thing.

However, electric pianos by Technics have several advantages over their acoustic lines:

  • Technics electric piano models are less expensive than traditional classic ones
  • Smaller and lighter in design, making them more portable and suitable for band concert tours
  • Perpetually tuned based on A-440 and will never ever be out of tune, because they have no strings
  • Have features of an electronic keyboard and the touch of an acoustic piano.

What is Technics Sound Quality Like?

The sound of Technics digital pianos are brilliant, clear and deep with a seemingly three-dimensional sound quality. The magnificent sound is consistent all though the entire keyboard. The built-in speakers add depth and volume to the sound produced. Most models have the 64-note polyphony that can enhance your "performance".

Technics piano is an off-shoot of electric Technics organs line. These two- layered organs were top of the line as Technics revolutionized modern electronic organs in the mid-1970s.

After going into the production of portable keyboards and synthesizers, digital pianos followed suit. Technics electric keyboards are designed and manufactured maintaining the same high standard of quality that Technics is known for.

How Do Technics Keys Touch & Feel?

Technics electric pianos are known for their "natural response action". What does this mean? Simply put a Technics digital piano "feels" like the "real" thing. It is like playing on an acoustic grand because of the sound produced and the key touch that is far cry from an electronic keyboard touch.

The key touch on the bass cleft is heavy while the key touch on the treble cleft is light. Playing an electronic Technics is akin to playing on an acoustic piano and more.

The digital Technics pianos are perfect for beginners, intermediate and advance student as this type of music instruments would bode well as a practice piano.

Built-in Musical Effects

The plus point of a Technics digital piano is that it is equipped with several piano "voices". Some models even have the vibes, strings, organ and harpsichord sound that you can alter according in terms of reverb and effects according to your taste.

All digital pianos from Technics are equipped with built-in auto accompaniment, synthesizers and other effects. The more expensive the model, the more complicated and technical its gadgets and effects are. They come in both console and Technics digital baby grand cabinetry.

Digital, Ensembles and Portable Pianos

Technics have three lines of electronic pianos - the digital, the digital ensembles and the portable digital piano series.

To date there are 32 models of digital pianos under the brand, 24 models of digital ensembles and 2 models for digital portable pianos. Some of the more popular models from each line are:

  1. Digital: Technics SX-PX664, SX-PX665, SX-PX663, SX-PC26M, SX-PX663, SX-PX662, SX-PX663M, SX-PX336M, SX-PX338B and SX-PX336
  2. Ensembles: Technics SX-PR604M, SX-PR804M, SX-PR54M, SX-PR604, SX-PR804 and SX-PR54
  3. Portable: Technics SX-P30 and SX-P50.

Digital ensemble pianos have built-in accompaniment. You can play the treble part, push some buttons and a whole orchestra will play the accompaniment.

Recommended Technics Digital Piano

Technics-digital-pianoThe Technics SX-PX663 is one of the best "value for money" models to buy. It has 88 keys and 64-note polyphony. The sounds available are 4 types of concert grands, 4 uprights, 5 electric keyboards and 5 modern. Other sounds are harpsichord, vibes, vocal, strings, 24 organ presets and 292 other sounds.

The key can be transposed and its sound convertible from brilliant to mellow in five steps. It has 3 pedals - soft, sostenuto and sustain. Touch sensitivity is from light to heavy. Though it is no longer "high-tech" in terms of disk drives (3.5" floppy disk technology), the main functions, sound and reliability of this model is still at par with current models from other brand names.

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Updated October 8, 2010
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