Are Suzuki Pianos Good?
Reviews of Suzuki Upright, Mini and Baby Grand Piano

Suzuki pianos are famous not only in Japan, but all over the world.

suzuki-pianosFor the racing enthusiasts, there is the Suzuki Motors. For the beginning students in learning how to play an instrument, there is the Suzuki Method.

For pianists and piano music enthusiasts there is Suzuki Corporation, one of the world's largest supplier of musical instruments for educational purposes.

The Suzuki music company has been producing quality woodwind, brass, string, harmonicas since 1953 and much later, cutting-edge acoustical and digital series ranging from Suzuki mini grand piano to Suzuki upright pianos.

Suzuki Music Corporation was founded in Hamamatsu, Japan with the goal of producing quality yet affordable instruments. It is the company's belief that music cultivates positive traits such as creativity, respect, and cooperation, understanding and personal expression.

Specifications and Unique Features

Action and Hammers Suzuki pianos use seasoned hardwood and carbon composites for their action. Bushings and dampers are made of high quality Japanese felt. The seasoned hardwood hammers are crafted with precision with the shanks and hammer heads covered with 100% Japanese wood felt.

Mau's Suzuki Book 1 Graduation Video Demonstration


A traditional Suzuki has more than 200 strings that have to flawlessly perform each time. The brand uses highly polished German steel hand wound with solid copper windings. Roslau strings on solid sand cast iron plate produce superb sound that has a timbre and tone that is equal if not more than other piano brands in the same category.


Where most piano brands use 16-ply pinblocks, Suzuki pianos are fitted with 17-ply rock hard maple pinblocks which make the piano in tune for a longer time.


The soundboard is the “heart” of a Suzuki grand piano and Suzuki baby grand piano. Only carefully chosen Spruce with at least 10 growth rings per square inch are used. Bridges are made of kiln-dried hardwood for humidity control. The ribs are carefully marked into the piano's rim liner so that the crown of the soundboard lasts long.

All Suzuki piano cabinetry has understated character and elegance. Each curve is hand-bent and its finishing hand-rubbed.

All these special procedure components ensures an acoustic piano from Suzuki that reverberate with a full-toned and rich bass register, a warm albeit brilliant middle keyboard register and crisp, clear treble.

Suzuki is known for its exact specifications, meticulous finishing, superb craftsmanship and rich tones and timbre.

Current Models of Suzuki Grand Pianos

Suzuki F Series
  • F-61 - A conservatory type of Suzuki grand piano with a length of 6'1”. Its sound is rich and textured quality. It is handmade with precision and superb craftsmanship.
  • F-58 - At 5'8' is a medium grand piano good enough for professionals and advance piano students.
  • F-55 -is a classic acoustic Suzuki grand piano at 5'5”. The sound produced is deep and full.
  • F-50 - is a Suzuki baby grand. This is the perfect choice for small homes and music studios that care for a grand piano that is a right fit in terms of space but without sacrificing the tone and timbre.
  • F-49 -is the Suzuki mini grand piano at 4'9”. It might be small and compact but its sound board still produces an amazingly rounded and full tones.
Suzuki GR Series
  • GR-51 - is a baby grand 5'1” with a surprisingly full, moderately brilliant and crisp tone
  • GR-57 - is a classic grand at 5'7”. As with other Suzuki piano models, the sound is rich and brilliant.
Suzuki AG Series
  • AG-600 -is a 6-foot grand piano.
  • AG-550 - is a baby grand at 5'5”.
  • AG-550S - a variation of the 550
  • AG-500 - a baby grand at 5'.
  • AG-450 - is a mini grand piano.
Suzuki M series

This line comprise of: Suzuki M-840 BL 7'0", Suzuki M-680 BL 5'8", Suzuki M-620 BL 5'2" and Suzuki M-580 BL 4'10" Acoustic Grand Piano.

Suzuki Upright Piano Series
  • All vertical Suzuki pianos use Renner type action and Roslau strings. Soundboard is made of seasoned spruce of the finest quality.
  • AU-310 and AU-300 -is the professional series that has a dynamic and vibrant well-balanced sound sustained throughout the whole keyboard.
  • AU-210 and AU-200 - Studio series with a vibrant and full brilliant tone.
  • AU-100 - the Continental series
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