Suzuki Keyboards - Which One to Buy?

If one plays music with Suzuki keyboards, it's no longer confined to the professionals...

Suzuki-keyboardsFor a company that started out producing quality harmonicas in the early 1950's, the Suzuki Music Corporation has come a long way in the production of different orchestra woodwind and brass instruments, including acoustic and digital pianos.

Suzuki specializes in producing various instruments for educational purposes. However, this goes without saying that both amateur and professional musicians benefit from the Suzuki line of musical instruments. The electronic Suzuki keyboard tops the list in this classification.

A beginner in playing a piano keyboard will find it both fun and educational to “play” a Suzuki.

A professional musician will find all the improvisations and buttons on a seemingly Suzuki Walkman keyboard challenging and practical.

What will be the better way for both types of musicians and anyone in between to be able to carry their portable keyboards wherever, whenever they want?

Suzuki Keyboard Review

Currently, there are three models of Suzuki keyboards available: the SP-67; SP-47 and the SP-37.

Note that a keyboard pertains to a portable digital piano but does not have the 88 keys unlike the Suzuki DP-1000 keyboard duality digital piano that converts into a full-pledge piano entertainment center complete with an IPod docking station.

Suzuki SP-67

This keyboard has a “touch-to-believe” very expressive and responsive piano touch. It has 61-note keyboard that has a unique feature of after-touch sensitivity which actually makes a player add a vibrato sound merely by pressing a key longer than most.

The model has a large sound memory and an incredible digital accompaniment sound found only in professional keyboards.

You can practice the parts of music score separately but hear the music as a whole.

The SP-67 will play the bass clef while you right hand plays the treble clef all because of a 3 track sequencer with 50 prerecorded classical songs integrated to the keyboard's memory chip.

It has a 32-note polyphony; 138 digital GM and 10 Ethnic voice; 100 rhythm styles, 100 variations and more.

Suzuki SP-47

This keyboard is suitable for teachers. It has 128 digital voices, 100 rhythm styles and 32-note polyphony and more.

The unit includes six Suzuki music training course with each course containing 50 lessons. The style of lessons is by “ear”, melody, rhythm and chording. No teacher to actually “teach” you? No worries as the system can teach you how to play and grade your performance even.

Suzuki SP-37

Is the perfect choice for beginners. This model is very affordable and you will definitely get more that you paid for.

The SP-37 has a 61-note keyboard and a 32-note polyphony. The keys are as responsive and expressive as the more expensive models.

The sound is big and stereophonic with a 128 GM instrument voices in synch with 100 accompaniment styles.

Where most keyboard brands in this price range are “toy” keyboards, the SP-37 Suzuki keyboard is a “real” musical keyboard instrument.

For all three models, accompaniment controls are fingered, single fingered, sync-start/stop, intro, fill and ending.

What more could you ask for? For beginners, strike a note and the keyboard will do the rest. For advance and professional players, key in your preferences and play solo or with a full orchestra as your accompaniment.

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Updated October 11, 2010
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