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Reviews of HP, DP, TSI & Other Suzuki Digital Grand Pianos

There is no denying that an acoustical piano is more expensive than a Suzuki digital piano. It is also a fact that not everyone is gifted in producing beautiful music on an acoustical piano.

suzuki-digital-pianoThere are no cheats on an acoustical piano. You have to be really good in playing the piano to sound good. Both entry level and professional musicians find that Suzuki electric pianos have a wide range of digital keyboards to meet their requirements.

Music teachers, professional pianists and music students of varied levels could find a suitable digital piano for them. As one of the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments since the 1950s, Suzuki is a name you can trust.

It is well-known for manufacturing violins, guitars, recorders, harmonicas and a range of digital pianos. Suzuki digital pianos are worth considering if you are just an entry-level student or you are on a tight budget.

Generally speaking, Suzuki makes a digital piano suitable for the home, school, church and performing artists.

Suzuki Electric Piano Choices

Looking for what digital piano spinet Suzuki offers? Then you need to browse for the HP series. Suzuki has different series for each type of digital piano. It has the HG, HP and SS series for the more popular lines and the G and GP for the digital grands.

Other series are the C, S and DP. You also have the option to choose from a regular digital piano, digital ensemble, composer ensemble, Suzuki digital baby grand piano ensemble, mini- grande ensemble and mini grande digital piano.

Prices vary and it is up to you to choose which model best suits your requirements.

Popular Suzuki Digital Piano Models

Suzuki HP-80 Digital Piano Video Demonstration

TSI-1ei is an 88-key digital piano that is easy and intuitive to play. It uses LCD TouchScreen technology and is equipped with a docking station for the iPod to play along with your favorite songs. It has a graded hammer acoustic keyboard touch action that is approved by instructors. It is an ensemble digital piano with more than 128 voices and 100 rhythm styles. The price is $1,900.

HP-99 is an 88-key Suzuki digital keyboard famous for its dynamic acoustic feel made possible by its balanced hammer action. The Suzuki HP 99 digital piano has a smooth feel and great response that meets professional standards. Its key touch is adjustable to soft, normal or hard.

The sound source is 3D and stereophonic for deep and resonant tones. It has 64-note polyphony and preset tones of 128 GM or general midi voices. The functions are varied from transposition to MIDI functions, demo, split, layer, arpeggio, fill, intro/ending and more. This model is a composer ensemble unit and is around $1,495. The Suzuki digital piano HP-88F is an older model and is not readily available.

Suzuki Digital Grand Piano sound review

DP-1000 is Suzuki's sleek and smooth digital keyboard that produces resonant and rich tones. It features an 88-key graded hammer action where the higher register naturally is lighter to the touch and the lower notes heavier to play. It has the regular features such as 64-note polyphony, 128 voices and 100 rhythm styles. It also has built-in music instructions including play-along songs. As with the other Suzuki digital pianoforte, you can record your own songs and practice quietly without disturbing anyone. It includes an iPod docking station and is priced at $1,900.

R-21/HDP/C-11/SW-27 are Home Digital Pianos with 88 keys featuring Suzuki's advance graded hammer action. It has a 64-note polyphony, three levels of sensitivity and 16 pre-set tones. Its sound source is stereophonic and 3D with an input for headphones, USB and MIDI.

Selection of Suzuki Digital Grand Piano Designs

suzuki-mini-grandeHG-437 is a Suzuki baby grand digital piano that is only 4 feet in length. Aside from the standard features of Suzuki digital pianos, it has a Karaoke feature for family entertainment. It has a built-in music teacher with screen and verbal grading. GP-3 is another baby grand digital model.

S-350 and MG-350 are mini-grande digital pianos that are only 3'3' in length. They have most of the features and functions of the baby grand plus an SD memory card for playing pre-recorded music. G-33 is another mini-grande digital pianforte. Prices for these models range from $2,700 to $4,000.

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