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Through its more than 150 years in superior piano-making history, Steinway & Sons has not been complacent with its design and craftsmanship of Steinway grand pianos.

At present, statistics prove that 90 percent of professional and concert pianists trust a Steinway concert grand piano to deliver their artistry in such manner as to command perfection in tone and quality.

It has been more than a century since the days of the Steinway square grand. From then on, the revered pianoforte-making company still produces some of the world's finest grand pianos and Steinway baby grand pianos.

Steinway Concert Grand Pianos and Other Models

Silent Hill Theme Played on a Steinway

The company has acquired Boston and Essex brands for Steinway's budget pianos. The premium brand remains Steinway and, at present, has a line of favorite models handcrafted for a year at its New York and Hamburg plants. Aside from the Models D, A, M and O are the Model B, Model S, Chippendale and Louis XV.

The Steinway grand piano Model M is a medium grand with a length of 5'7” and a width of 57 ¾ inches. This model is preferred in most conservatories, music schools and homes.

Each Steinway is made according to tradition and presently includes the application of more than 125 patented processes and features. The wood used for its rim, pinblock, braces, ribs and bridges are all dried for months in the company's drying yard and kiln in order to reach the level of dryness and pliability required.

1998 Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano
video demonstration

The Steinway Model B is a music room grand at 6'10” in length. It is often referred to as the perfect piano because its size, tonal quality and sound makes it a versatile piano that can be used in homes, piano bars, music studios and small to mid-sized concert halls and venues.

As with all Steinway pianos, the Steinway B grand piano also includes the company's patented Hexagrip® pinblock, Accelerated Action® and Diaphragmatic® soundboard. Wood used for the manufacture of this model, as well as all Steinway concert grand pianos, include sugar pine, maple and Sitka spruce.

The Model S is a baby grand measuring 5'1”. This model first came out in the 1930s to accommodate a need for smaller grand piano to fit into most rooms. Smaller than traditional grands, the tone and quality of this model is akin to that of its bigger counterparts. Fewer materials are used, but it is not lesser in quality.

The Louis XV and Chippendale models are reproductions of 18th-century pianoforte elegance and craftsmanship.

Used Steinway Grand Pianos

A brand new Steinway piano is quite expensive. You can opt to buy a used Steinway if your budget is of concern. There are plenty of online sites that advertise Steinway grand pianos for sale. However, do observe caution when buying pre-owned pianos.

Make sure that the pianoforte in question is priced according to its real value. Check if the amount specified pertains to a grand that has been restored or not. If possible, check the piano in person before finalizing the sale. If you cannot, make provisions so you can get your money back in case the instrument does not fill your requirements.

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