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Fresh from his apprenticeship in learning the intricacy of piano-making from Vogel & Sohn, Wilhelm Schimmel decided to establish his own workshop in Leipzig, Germany.

Schimmel Pegasus Unique Grand Piano Design

In 1885 the first Schimmel pianos were manufactured and since then the family-owned company flourished.

For more than a century Schimmel Company has retained and held true its founders' slogan: Quality will prevail.” The four-generation piano manufacturing company held on to Wilhelm's standards in piano workmanship. The high standards set by Wilhelm regarding tone quality and touch are set a bar or two higher by the present management.

Buying a used Schimmel grand piano for sale is favorable as long as it is in good condition as its quality of tone and touch is most likely at par with a brand new counterpart.

Schimmel Musical Instruments Overview

Schimmel has four major lines of vertical and horizontal pianos. Schimmel Konzert series is the top line - a highly recommended instrument for top notch professional musicians. The Schimmel Classics is the line crafted in Germany and has that superb tone quality for selective users. The Vogel Schimmel line has a distinctive European tone and the May Berlin selected by Schimmel is the perfect choice for use in schools and homes.

Schimmel Konzert Series

Schimmel GP 230 Grand Piano Sound Demonstration

Konzert Grands

Schimmel piano employs the trilogy concept wherein the construction concept employed in the full size grand pianos are also accommodated into its smaller models. This concept allows pianist to fully enjoy the excellent tonal and touch quality of the large grands in baby grands. There are two trilogy groups in this series. Trilogy 1 is comprised of models K-280, K-256, and K-230. Trilogy II is composed of K-213, K-189 and K-169.

This line has superior tonal volume and distribution because of the Triplex Scale where the notes in the middle and treble range are created by three similarly coordinated areas of a string. Basically this is refers to the “non-speaking” segment of the string locate behind the bridge. The resulting sound of a triplex scale is a very rich tone and long tonal projection.

Konzert Upright

No concert pianist will perform publicly using an upright piano as its sound and touch are far cry from a grand piano. Concert pianists need to practice outside concert halls and not everyone concert pianist has access to a grand piano. Schimmel pianos conceptualized and manufactured the Konzert Piano Line for an upright piano to produce the tone, dynamics and touch of a grand piano. The K-132, K-125 and K- 122 are elegant vertical pianos with a great soundboard that is almost at par with the Konzert grands. Workmanship and craftsmanship are excellent. The sound produced is rounded, tone is balanced and dynamics superb.

The Art Collection is comprised of the famous K-213 Glass, K-208 Pegasus and the Otmar Alt K-213. These collector items are a “must see to believe”.

Schimmel Baby Grand & Upright Pianos

Classic Grands

All Schimmel piano parts are now digitally measured and cut to precision. The Classic series is not a far cry from the Konzert series as this category also uses the Triplex scale for producing richer and longer tones and overtones. The soundboards are cut and shaped like a crown supported by a narrow structure which in turn helps produce a “vibrato” for a deeper and sustained tone. In this series are the C-208 and C-182.

Classic Uprights

Are probably the most popular products available from any Schimmel piano dealer in Germany. The construction of this line is greatly aided by Schimmel's Computer Aided Engineering which guarantees perfection in tone and balance. Included in this line are C-130, C-124, C-120 and C-116.

Vogel Grands

This series is Schimmel Piano's answer to high-end artistically crafted grand pianos. Under this line are the V 177 and V 160 series that both carry the Tradition, Tradition Intarsie Liaison, Chippendale, Royal, and Royal Intarsie Oval and Royal Marketerie models.

Vogel Uprights

The V 115 Tradition has been praised for its pleasant and very musical tone which is rare in a piano in this price range. The V 115 Traditional and Modern models are usually made of beech, walnut and mahogany. However, Schimmel does accommodate requests for particular wood as long as it meets the company's stringent standards.

May Berlin Grands

The models M-188 and M-163 are good enough for use at home and small school auditoriums. These models are aesthetically pleasing and possess quality tone and timbre that is better than other named brands.

May Berlin Uprights

M-126 and M-121 (Traditional and Modern) are very affordable pianos best for beginners and intermediate piano students. The M-121 is the more popular model as it has a wonderful tonal balance defined by fine and rounded bass tones, an indicative mark of a Schimmel piano.

Popular Baby Grand Choice

K-169 of the Konzert Grand line is a Schimmel baby grand piano as it is only 5'7'” in length. This model has a very powerful “voice” which is not common in baby grands. The bass tone is rich and deep while the treble is bright and sparkling. Each key is individually balanced for that sought-after “touch”. The K-169 uses the “Schimmel-Spielwerk” - keyboard and action assembly to create that perfect tone that only Schimmel pianos can deliver.

Note that all Schimmel grand pianos can be fitted with the twin tone silent system and a piano disc player. A 10-year warranty is given on all Schimmel products.

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