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Samick Piano was founded by Hyo Ick Lee in South Korea in 1958. Before long, Lee started manufacturing upright pianos on a greater scale that by 1964, Samick was the first Korean company to export pianos.

samick sig 57 grand piano
Samick Sig 57 Grand Piano

What started out a small shop that was lucky enough to sell one upright piano in impoverished South Korea became a multi-national company and a leading innovator in piano technology.

The company continued to progress. It has opened branches in the North America and Germany. In the late 1970s the company merged with an American company and soon after Samick Music Corporation was formed.

In 1983, Lee's quest to further enhance and develop Samick pianos led him to employ a German piano designer named Klaus Fenner. By the 1990s, the company has branched out into manufacturing Samick digital piano on top of its acoustical lines.

Hyo Ick Lee's demise led the company into bankruptcy. It was only upon the intervention of fellow Korean Jong-Sup Kim that the company was saved from bankruptcy. Today, Samick Musical Instruments Co. Ltd is one of the top piano makers in the world today producing 30,000 Samick grand pianos annually and a host of other Samick musical instruments.

What Can You Buy From Samick?

There are only two types of pianos: upright and grand. However, within these two types are various sizes. What is consistent with each Samick model is its superior craftsmanship and quality. Klaus Kenner evidently created Samick piano scale with a brilliant yet warm voice while K. Gunner Benson's workmanship saw to it that every curve and line of a Samick piano case is in synch with the piano's voice.

To date there are four divisions under Samick grand piano and baby grand - the concert grand, the studio grand, the classic upright and the stylish upright. A new concert grand series is out in the market now and is aptly labeled the new Samick grands.

Samick SG172 1990 Grand Piano Demonstration

Concert Grand Piano Series

This series consist of Samick FS-280, SP-280 and SP-228. These pianos are more aptly used in concert halls as they are full size grands build. All models have soundboard made of first class spruce, tenon-jointed frame and full length ribs of solid spruce. The scale is duplex. The keys are Samick premium spruce with a German Renner and Samick premium action. The use of Renner Hammers complements the Roslau music wire from Germany.

Studio Grand Series

This series consist of Samick baby grand piano and medium sized grands: SIG-48, SIG-50, SIG-54, SIG-54KBF, SIG-57, SIG-61, and SIG 61 L. Each model's soundboard is made of tensioned spruce with maple for bridges. Hammers are premium grade wool, double coated for protection. The scale is of the conventional hitched string. Keys are basswood with a Samick Premium action. Strings are of Roslau music wire with 50 plus agraffes in the bass section.

Classic Upright Series

The traditional Samick upright pianos consist of the JS-042, JS-115, JS-112R1, JS-118D, JS-121 MD, JS 121-FD, JS-131 MD, WSU-121SD, WSU-131MD and the WSU-131E. This line is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advance players to aspiring concert pianists.

Stylish Upright Series

This series include a “stylish” edition of vertical piano from Samick. The models are JS-600NAD, JS-300NSTD, JS-143M, JS-143F, JS-143F, JS-118M, JS-118FD, SC-230CD, SC-310CRD, SC-118FD and the SC-118MD. Both the classic and stylish series share the same specifications such as solid spruce soundboard, maple plywood bridges, basswood keys, Samick Premium action, Roslau strings and hammers of quality wool.

Popular and Best Selling Pianos from Samick

Generally speaking, Samick pianos are at par with such brands as Yamaha, J. Strauss & Son, Kawai, Weber, and Young Chang. This group of brands belongs in the upper quality consumer-grade pianos. These category deals with quality mass-produced pianos that are more economical than most.

Samick Digital Piano Symphonia

The most popular in the electric genre is Samick Symphonia digital piano DX-200. However, digital models aren't as popular as Samick's acoustic types.

The Samick JS-042 is a very popular console model. It is has been noted that it is one of the best Samick piano for beginners. It weighs 457 lbs, has a depth of 21 7/8 inches and width of 58 inches. This model is compact enough to be located in tight spaces without sacrificing its sound. The 1,826 sq. in. sounding board of the JS-042 is as large as the one used in a Samick grand piano with a depth of 5'7”. Each key is specifically balanced for a medium to heavy touch - perfect choice for an upright piano.

The Samick SIG-50 piano is one of Samick's best sellers. It has the same components as the bigger grand pianos. Most owners are amazed by the rich and beautiful sound produced by this model. Its touch and tone are exceptional than most baby grands made by other companies. The keys are soft but have fast and responsive and strong action.

In a nutshell the only negative reaction of new owners is the weight of Samick instruments, be it vertical or horizontal pianos. The pros are its beautiful tone and touch. Amazingly, Samick piano costs you very little compared to prices of many mainstream brands.

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