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roll-up-piano-keyboardWhat is a roll up piano keyboard? It is a keyboard that can be rolled up for portability.

Lugging a digital portable piano with 61 keys is not easy. You cannot take it on a picnic or play while in the car.

A roll up piano is great when on the road and you feel the urge to play a keyboard. It is so portable you can stuff it inside your backpack or bag then reach for it and unroll it if you need to play.

The first generation piano roll up was by Yamato. Today there are various brands of roll piano players for sale both online and in stores. There are also a lot of reviews from consumers who bought the product.

Roll Up Piano Features

Flexible Rolled Piano Video Demonstration

A roll up piano has 61 keys, 128 tones and 100 rhythms. It features standard keys that have a 16-note polyphony, which is not bad as far as the keyboard goes. It has 20 demo tunes, a standard MIDI out, built-in speakers with volume control and quality acoustic sound.

The piano roll up has a LED digital display, a mini plug jack for headphones or for connecting to external speakers or amplifiers. It can run on AC or DC power, or four AA batteries when on the road. It can also use an AC adaptor, which comes included.

Even though the best roll-up piano is listed under the review below, a newer model of the Yamano Hand Roll Piano is now available,  Added features include additional stereo speakers, a foot pedal, a built-in recorder, additional demo tunes and a more streamlined control panel. The piano roll up is lightweight at 2.5 pounds. There are even models that can fit in your pocket. The new line of rolled piano can run on four AAA batteries for 12 to 15 hours. Priced from $89 to $99 (under $100), a piano roll is a good value for the money.

Best Roll Up Piano Keyboard Reviews

Best Rated Roll Up Piano by Yamaha
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Reviews for these pianos are varied. The digital and portable 61-key roll-pp piano and electronic MIDI keyboard with 16 MIDI output channels has a rating of 2.6 out of 5, while the roll-up electric piano has a rating of 3.5 out of 5. However, most people think that if you can roll a piano up then it is essentially a toy.

A roll up piano is made of a thin rubber that has the thickness of a car mat. You need a flat hard surface to lay the keyboard for playing. A soft, uneven surface won't do. You can feel a shallow depression at the edge of each key, but, since the keyboard is almost flat, you won't feel any movement under your fingers. This is not the piano to use for practicing. The flat keys are definitely a far cry from traditional raised keys.

The Cons - Defects & Weaknesses

Some reviews point out that it is almost impossible to play the roll piano because the keys do not work most of the time. You have to pound on the keys to produce a sound.

The Conclusion

This is not a gigging keyboard. However, the roll up keyboard will bode well with singers who want to warm up or for music teachers who need a portable keyboard for class lessons. It is also a nice musical instrument to bring to family outings and picnics.

Roll up piano keyboards are not for serious pianists. However, for entry-level students a roll-up design can be used for familiarization with chords.

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