Roland Keyboards Review
Why Buy Roland Digital Pianos, Amps, Synths or Workstations?

The Japanese Roland keyboard brand is synonymous with superior quality and product performance.

roland-keyboardThis electronic musical instrument manufacturer is only three decades old but its brand name is already rated as one of the top piano makers, if not the top producer of electric pianos, in the world.

To date, the company manufactures Roland digital pianos, organs, guitars and bass, drums and percussions, recording equipments and even Roland keyboard amps for stage performance.

Roland electronic keyboards are noted for use in techno, dance and urban music digital sound production. This is not saying that a Roland electric piano is not for the home. On the contrary, there are varied models of player keyboards to suit individual needs.

Roland Electronic Keyboard Reviews

Under the Roland pianos brand, a keyboard is differentiated from its digital piano products. Where digital pianos have digital grands and uprights, VIMA (video interactive keyboard) and harpsichord, Roland keyboards have the following: synths and sampler; arrangers; MIDI controllers and accordions.

Roland Synths & Workstations

“Synths” is the “heart” of Roland piano. The different models under the workstation category are packed with innovative features that are fun to use.

Roland Juno-G Sounds Like Acoustic Grand Piano

Roland's JUNO line is one of the most popular lines of workstation under Roland. The JUNO- 6 was introduced in the early 1980s and from them on this well-loved line had continued to improve on its sound quality, features, functions and more.

The current line of JUNOs is portable and accommodates both direct and alternating current. Each synthesizer has its plus factor and it is up to the user which one suit him best. All JUNOs are great for playing and singing and have WAV, MP, SMF, and AIFF playback capability through an optional USB memory. Current line includes: Juno Stage, Juno Gi, Juno-G, Juno-Di and Juno-D.

Roland Fantom G workstation series includes the Fantom G8 with 88-keys; Fantom G7 with 76-keys and Fantom G6 with 61-keys. The Fantom series is Roland keyboard's most luxurious and powerful live workstation in its 30-year history.

The series has an advanced sound engine with a double wave capacity of past workstations. It boasts of the ground-breaking ARXSuperNATURAL™ expression technology unparalleled by other brands. It has the “real” touch of a weighted piano; an 8.5 inch wide LCD, easy graphic user interface and mouse connectivity. Roland Fantom is fitted with 22 effects routings that can be programmed all at the same time. For better sound quality matching Roland keyboard amplifier designs are recommended.

Other Roland workstation models are: V-synth GT, GAIA SH-01, SH-201, AX-Synth, Lucina AX-09, Vp-770 and VP-550.

Lost your Roland keyboard manual? No sweat. The manuals can be downloaded from the official Roland website.

Roland Arranger Keyboards

Roland Arrangers series comprise of Prelude; EXR-46 OR; E-09 and E-50.

Roland Prelude portable keyboard video demonstration

Roland Prelude is the perfect home-entertainment keyboard with its high sound quality, varied musical styles, and a library of contemporary and ethnic sounds. It has a USB port for direct playing of MP3, AIFF, SMF and WAV music format from Flash drives.

EXR-46 OR is Roland's version of “international” keyboard for it has a bank of authentic exotic and ethnic sounds of Asian and Middle Eastern music.

E-09 has good quality sound with over 800 tones, 64-voice polyphony and 70 drum kits in its bank. Its interactive musicality includes Asian, Western and Middle Eastern.

E-50 has 61-keys that sound great for a small keyboard. The features are 64-note polyphony with over 1,000 panel tones and 34 drum sets and more. This model is perfect for both beginners and advanced musicians.

Roland MIDI Keyboard Controllers

Roland USB MIDI Keyboard Controller Demo

Roland keyboard controllers are for serious musicians who want to get the best out of their performances and productions. These MIDI controllers can be used on gigs and performances and in studios. There are several controller models ranging from 32-note keyboards to 49-note keyboards.

Each key has sensitivity for velocity which bodes well for players who want responsive keys. Features and functions include more than 45 buttons and sliders for fantastic sound production. Each model is compatible to work with a PC or a MAC.

Here are some of the more popular Roland keyboards controllers in the market: A-300 PRO, A-500 PRO, A-800 PRO, A-500S, PCR-300, PCR-500 and PCR-800.


Roland's musical instruments are quite affordable. You can buy Roland keyboard GAIA SH-01 synths at very low price for less than $700. On the other hand, for serious professional musicians, a Roland Fantom G6 for about $2,300 in cost is still quite cheap when compared to competitive brands, such as KORG.

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