Roland Digital Piano
The Best Electric Pianos with True Acoustic Sounds

The first international artist who used Roland digital piano complete with a synthesizer was no less than Elton John.

roland-digital-pianoWith such a prestigious composer/singer as endorser, Roland electric pianos had nowhere to go but “up”.

The first Roland player piano with a synthesizer came out of Roland Corporation's production sometime in 1986.

Roland pianos had always possessed real acoustic piano sounds. This Japanese brand gear more towards brilliant sound, crisp and clear.

A staccato is a staccato and a legato is a legato for the Roland digital pianos. They use the “Progressive Hammer Action” on their Roland keyboards. This means that the touch on the lower register is heavy and progressively lightens as the player goes up the scale.

Roland piano offers the very best natural response because of it use of true-hammer action keys that akin to real acoustic pianos.

Perhaps, Roland Corporation is one of the most prolific manufacturers of musical instruments. The company not only manufactures keyboards and digital pianos but also guitars, organs, percussion, amplifiers and other electronic products for recording and mixing.

Roland Digital Pianos Reviews

There are four lines under digital Roland: grand, upright, stage and harpsichord.

The grand piano series uses state-of-the-art technology to create those rich and brilliant tones. A plus factor is its built-in arranger function. To date there are only two lines in the digital grand piano line: the KR series and the RG series.

Roland KR Pianos

Roland KR103 tone selection video demo

The KR series is a line of Roland digital intelligent piano. The top of the line is the KR-117M where the best features of a fine acoustic piano and the functions of a truly innovative digital piano merged. The sound is expressive; vocals and instrumentations are varied.

The KR series is “player” piano with a CD drive and moving keys. It operates by remote control and has a wireless option. Its large color LCD is touch-screen technology, has an external TV/VGA display. In complete synch with Japanese digital technology the series even has interactive music games and Bluetooth technology. Included in the series are: KR-115 M and KR-115.

Roland RG Pianos

The RG series comprise of digital mini grand pianos. The RG-3M is a professional digital piano that has the capability for automatic music playing by way of its player-piano moving keys. It has an 88-note keyboard that employs a technology where it reproduces real ivory feel for the white keys and ebony feel for the black keys.

The RG line is highly recommended for homes, hotels and piano bars. Like the KR series the Progressive Hammer Action is used for its keyboard too. It has been fitted with an automatic playback system with a CD-ROM drive. Other models in this series are: RG-7-R, RG-7, RG-3F, RG-3, RG-1F and RG-1.

Roland Upright Digital Piano

Roland SuperNATURAL - sounds like concert grand

Current Upright digital pianos are the RP series, RM series, HP series, DP series, F series, LX series and HPi series. Each series has other lines of Roland digital piano that is either a plain or a digital entertainment piano or a line under the SuperNATURAL digital piano.

The Roland RP-201 has superior sound quality. Its 88-note keyboard has the progressive hammer action trademark of Roland piano and a stereo multi-sampled piano sound. The sound produced is near a grand piano's because Roland tweaked the resonance for the string and damper and key-off functions. It features built-in metronome, recorder and dual or twin-piano mode. RP201 also has 128-note polyphony and an easy to use dedicated panel. Its low power-consumption makes the series environmentally friendly.

The RM -700 is a digital entertainment piano with the same features and functions of an RP.

Under the Roland HP series are: HP-302, HP-305, HP-307, HP-201 and HP-203.

Roland DP series includes: DP-990, DP-990RF and DP-990R.

Roland HPi series comprise of: HPi-6F, HPi-6s, HPi-7F and HPi-7s.

There are only two LX, the LX-10F and LX-10. There is a single F, the F-110, the successor of the legacy model Roland F90 digital piano. The F series has an 88- note keyboard with a progressive hammer-action. The sound is stereo-sampled, with brilliant and sparkling note on the upper register and a naturally sounding reverb in the lower register. A headphone output makes this model perfect for practice. Sleek and slim, this model will fit small homes and studios.

Roland-electric-pianosTwo other legacy models that made waves and are still sought after are the Roland MP70 digital piano and the Roland EP digital piano series. Though there are a lot of “retired” models, support and manuals for such models are still available at Roland's website.

For those who are aiming to buy stage pianos, the RD and FP series are Roland's portable digital pianos - the perfect “gigging” keyboard. This series has entry level pianos and higher-end models for stage performers and musicians.

Roland digital piano is the only brand that currently manufactures authentic harpsichord. The name brand carries various models with affordable low prices and many available with free shipping discount.

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