Player Piano Prices
Finding Upright or Spinet Player Piano for Sale Dealers

Player piano prices vary as it depends on what kind and what era of antique player piano you are interested in.

player-piano-pricesAt the turn of the 20th century up until the Great Depression, owning a pianola was the craze. The pianola was a self-playing piano. It was a popular addition to a household where no one knows how to play the piano.

The music that was played was represented by perforations on rolls of paper that were “played” by operating the foot pedals. Back in the days these upright or spinet player piano for sale were offered by such brands such as Wurlitzer, Kimball, Howard, Apollo and more.

A player piano cost and value decreased over time because it lost its popularity as home entertainment fixture during the advent of “wireless” radio.

For those who are in the lookout for vintage items, there are still a number of antique piano dealers of line. There are also a large number of used player piano music rolls still for sale though they are no longer originals but just reproductions. The compositions of George Gershwin on music rolls are still in demand.

Finding Player Piano Dealers

player-piano-for-saleThough there are still antique player pianos available for the collectors, the entertainment value of an antique piano player has much to be desired. Its keyboard can be played as is though more often than, not this type of piano is for historical value only.

Today's advancement in technology and musicality brought forth a new line of player units in the market today. Yamaha has the Disklavier. Roland has a line of digital piano player RG-7 while Suzuki offers the DG-401P 4'1” digital grand player piano.

There are plenty of player piano dealers offline and online that you can check out. The new breed of ready-made players is digital pianos complete with sound system.

The Yamaha Disklavier is an acoustical piano equipped with record and play back capability to record and auto playback your own performance. It is integrated with a factory-built digital piano player system to open up a whole range of possibilities for the acoustical instrument in terms of creating ensemble music with vocal and instrumentation, multi-track arrangements applied to your recordings and more.

The player piano has MIDI/CDs too for computer and internet connectivity. A new feature of the Disklavier series is the PianoSmart™ that makes it easy to synchronize piano recording and playback with a CD.

Upright Player Piano for Sale Prices

player-piano-dealersThere is an increase in upright player piano sales as more it has become a popular choice of music-lovers, pianists and music teachers all over the world. Though most player instruments these days are digital pianos, it is now possible to convert old and new acoustical unit with the installation of a piano player system.

Player piano system can be pre-installed on any brand of new pianos. It can also be installed to an old piano no matter what's its style or size or brand. There are now a number of qualified installers that can turn old acoustical pianos into a digital one-man ensemble. The brand of the piano system that you prefer to retrofit an old piano depends on your requirements.

Roland digital player piano prices start at $5,000. Suzuki is priced from $4,000 while the Yamaha Disklavier is pegged at $25,000 and up. Installation of new player system usually starts at $3,000 plus installation fee.

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Updated December 7, 2010
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