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Piano Prices Comparison List: New, Antique & Used Pianos for Sale

"Piano values" is a subjective concept. Piano appraisal can certainly pertain to the “price” or the “worth” or “importance” of the instrument especially when dealing with antique piano values.

piano-valuesFor a more objective approach, used piano prices list as discussed in this article will gear more towards the fair market evaluation.

For a buyer, the piano valuation may refer more to buying high quality at a bargain price - a good value for money.

From buyer's perspective the “good value for the money” decreases as the price of the piano increases. On the other hand, the true worth as in “importance and quality” of the instrument increases as the retail price of it increases.

Of course this is also subjective, as an expensive high quality piano might seem a luxury to an entry level musician, but an indispensable necessity to a professional artist.

For the seller, piano value refers to the real piano prices in terms of money. However, the selling price of an instrument might not really reflect its true “worth” in terms of its “musical” value, especially when dealing with antique piano appraisal.

How to Find the Value of an Antique Piano or Brand New Release?

Appraising Pianos: Look & Functionality
Buying as a Furniture vs. Instrument

Getting informed and knowing all the tips on buying used pianos for sale is highly recommended prior to the purchase.

More often than not, the antique piano values are less than their real worth as musical instruments.

On the contrary, browse the internet and it you will find that not one of the major piano manufacturer websites has a price tag on their brand new models. Your best next source is to look for credible websites that sell them.

These websites do indeed have price quotes for almost all brands of keyboards and digital pianos, but not one has a price list for upright and acoustical models.

If you are really interested in buying a particular brand new or used acoustic unit, you either have to go shop at the actual physical store or call up the number indicated on the website. Why is this so?

Three Types of Piano Appraisals:
Spinet, Upright & Grand

Acoustical pianos are very expensive. Refraining from showing its price tag online could be a marketing ploy to make would-be buyers interested enough to actually call the sales person and in the process of discussing with antique piano dealers - be “talked” into buying the item.

There is a comprehensive piano value book sold at Amazon which details the evaluation of all makes and brands of acoustical pianos prices. Again, there is no way to have a glimpse of this piano book unless you actually order one.

However, if one perseveres, there are many small websites that do sell pre-owned restored models with a price tag. For instance, piano valuers have pegged a Samick Baby Grand at an estimate of $4,500. Another website is selling Samick SG150C at $4,495.

A Kawai KG3 in mint condition is priced at $11,000 whereas a brand new Kawai of the same model at 6'1” is expensive at $42,000. A restored 1917 Steinway can be yours for $75,000. A Schimmel K213 Tradition is tagged at $65,000… and so on.

Yamaha Acoustical Piano Prices

The Yamaha uprights are quite affordable. Here is a partial list of Yamaha acoustic upright models with their corresponding piano value by serial number:

How to inspect used - antique piano parts

  • Yamaha C109 is a space and money saver at around $4,599
  • Yamaha C113 is evaluated at about $5,595.
  • Yamaha T121 is made in Japan and fetches at $6,995
  • Yamaha U1 121 cm is for the professional musician, with value appraisal of just under $12,000.
  • Yamaha U3 131 cm is more expensive, costing an estimated $16,000.
  • Yamaha YUS5 is the top upright model at approximately $18,000

The Yamaha grands are definitely more expensive. Here are some of the more popular Yamaha acoustical builds with their corresponding piano price list:

  • Yamaha C1M is priced at about $32,000
  • Yamaha C2M is yours for just less than $38,000
  • Yamaha C3M is more expensive at over $50,000
  • Yamaha C5M is set to be just below $60,000
  • Yamaha C6M is costly but certainly worth it for the investment of over $65,000
  • Yamaha C7M at 227 cm is the top gun at the luxury collector's price tag of nearly $75,000

A less expensive series for the grands is GB1 at about $12,995 and the GC1 at around $17,999.

Samick Grand Piano Values

The Samick NSG158 is a medium grand with a length of 140 cm to 168 cm. Price range for this model starts at $22,995.

Samick NSG175 is a medium grand for the serious student. An upright unit would do for beginners, but as a pianist hones his craft a concert grand is preferable. This model fetches at $26, 995 and up.

Samick NSG186 is a better choice as a practice instrument for the professional pianist. Prices for this line of grands start at about $30,000 and over.

Alex Steinbach Piano Price Guide

An Alex Steinbach SIG 48 140 cm grand piano is valued at under $15,000. Another example of Steinbach is the SIG57 “Regal” 172 cm grand, brand new just for $20,000. This model has a very rich and rounded tonal quality and rich full-bodied resonance.

The SIG61 61 Le Classique 185 cm grand can be yours at $25,995. This model is one of the top grand pianos of Samick. The SIP208 Conservatory Series is another grand priced at $29,995 and the largest one at just under $35,000.

Entry level upright pianos from this brand starts from around $3, 995 for the Artiste; Windsor at $ 5,895; Albert at $7,295 and the top upright Millenia just below the $10,000 mark.

Conover Cable Piano Values

Conover what?” you might ask. Well, the brand is known as one of the better brands of educational pianos as they were designed to “survive” countless hours of continuous use.

A Conover Cable is one of the best value for the money for beginners. An upright Beginner Model cc 108 cost only less than $3,000. An Intermediate cc 118 costs about $4,895. An Advanced cc 131 is only $ 5,895. The Conover grand is cheap at $8,995. The sound quality is acceptable. Its touch is consistent and has an excellent tuning stability.

Conclusion on Pianos Prices and Value Appraisal

If you want a complete listing of piano values for all brands and makes, there is no single source for that information online. Charlottes Ville Piano company, for example, has  a quite extensive list of collector antique pianos for sale. However, the hodgepodge of piano price comparison list above basically gives you an idea that:

  1. Acoustical units are expensive
  2. Branded acoustical pianos are even more pricey.

But! The joy in playing a beautifully toned and resonant grand is priceless.

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Updated November 11, 2010
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