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Finding a Reliable Piano Tuner for Windows PC & Mac Computer

Is there a piano tuning software? Tuning a piano is not just “tuning” the keys based on A-440, the standard pitch in which the rest of the keys' pitch is based.

piano-tuning-softwareWell, there are piano music software websites that offer free tutoring in tuning an acoustical keyboard but, note it is not merely a “mechanical” task as it involves a lot of skills developed through years of actual piano-tuning.

Mechanically tuning a piano is easy but, mastering the process and producing perfectly pitched keyboard is another thing.

There are no straightforward piano tuning software and/or computer piano software that you can source on line.

How easy it would be if you could just download software and electronically connect it to your acoustical keyboard that has an input for such software? Well... there is none!

Yamaha PT100 PT-100 Strobe Piano Tuner

The Yamaha piano software that is sold online are software series for the Disklavier Mark III using PianoSmart Technology. It will not “magically” tune your instrument! If you want a piano player software for your acoustic piano, search for a player piano system installer first.

Most are simply easy instructions on how to self-tune pianos with disclaimers that the tutorial is for information only and cannot be a replacement for the services o experienced professional piano tuners.

The simplistic approach contained in piano tuning software is more for inquisitive DIY owners or for the professional pianists in need of emergency tuning until the pro piano tuner is available. There are owners who have no choice but to tweak their pianos as no professional tuner wants to accept the job. However, if your piano is something valuable, do not depend on any software but call a professional piano technician.

A perfectly tuned piano takes more than getting each to key to the right pitch. There are intervals, temperaments, beatings and frequencies of each string to be considered. The string might already be in the perfect pitch but somehow when played is seemingly still out of “key”. This is because the tone of a vibrating piano string is more than just one pitch but a series of intricate tones that must have a pleasing correctly-pitched harmony.

Tuning manually with CyberTuner video demonstration

However, if you are really keen in learning how to mechanically “tune” your piano, there is no need for you to use an A-440 tuning fork as using one is not easy. You should have an “ear” for using a tuning fork. Today, an electronic chromatic tuner is available for easy key regulation.

The tuning device “hears” the tone and adjusts it to its nearest frequency. Yes, each note has a designated frequency like the A-440 which means the middle octave “A” key vibrating at 440 Hz. It is best to tune the first octave using the electronic chromatic tuner then set the rest of the keys by ear. Use octaves as they are easier to tune by ear.

There are plenty of free piano software that turn your PC keyboard into a musical keyboard. Also available online are specialized notation software, musical editor software and more at minimal fees.

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Updated January 2011
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