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The first piano teaching software was probably the 1990 Miracle Piano Teaching System created by the Software Toolworks in tandem with Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Apple Macintosh and the PC.

piano-teaching-softwareThe pioneer piano tutor software was packaged with a keyboard, foot pedal, connecting cables and power supply. The software was in a 3.5 “ floppy diskette or an NES/Genesis cartridge.

The program instructs the user to follow the notes on screen much like a video game. You miss a note and the character on screen falls down.

The price of this first generation piano instruction software was a whopping $500 two decades ago and that (even today) was pretty expensive. Innovations in technology have made it possible for computer, the internet and software like this within the means of the average consumers.

Piano Tutor Software Benefits

There are various software piano lessons either in DVDs or direct download from the internet that are available today.

piano-tutor-softwarePiano teaching software is gaining popularity as an easy and convenient means to learn how to play the piano. Anyone who has a basic laptop of PC that has internet access can generally learn some new things online including playing the piano.

You might think (and feel) that you have the ability to be “pianist”, but you just don't have the time and extra cash to enroll in a regular piano school with a regular piano teacher (breathing down your neck).

Software piano lessons are the way for you to go. You can learn to play the piano at your own time, your own pace and at your convenience.

Piano software for children are fun. They are bright, colorful and highly interactive. Most of these programs are adaptable to entry level adults too that it is not far-fetched to see child and parent both learning to play the piano using the same piano teaching software.

Indeed piano midi software lessons and online piano lessons have become accepted modes of learning to play the piano.

A one-on-one piano lesson is quite expensive. If you have no plans of being an accomplished concert pianist, but would just like to play for yourself and maybe entertain friends and family, then a simple self teaching piano software would do.

Piano Teaching Software Reviews: Best Buy for Under $50

Reviewing software is quite a subjective matter, as what is a great platform for one might not be good to another person. However, reading reviews is helpful so you can gauge how the keyboard teaching software might be suitable for you own circumstance.

eMedia Method Video Demonstration

eMedia Beginner Piano and Keyboard Lessons

is very affordable at $20. The program is good enough for entry level students, both adults and children. The software includes 75 detailed lessons from correct hand position to reading notes, dynamics, tempo and more.

The software package has piano teachers on videos, animated keyboard, and interactive reviews to guide a student's fingering for the exercises and songs. An option is a MIDI- compatible keyboard for quick feedback on wrong notes, tempos and rhythms. Other inclusives are digital metronome and recorder.

Instant Play Piano Deluxe

Instant-Play-Piano-Deluxeis marketed as Charanga Piano Coach in the UK. This software is composed of 6 CDs that correspond to different modules. Each module in this program comprise of videos of the musical pieces as interpreted by professional pianists. Each musical piece is divided into a five-step sequence for quickly mastering the song. You can play the song as is or slow down its tempo so you can see the proper fingering.

This software is not as interactive and “colorful” as other keyboard teaching software. The software does not include tracking your progress. There are no on-screen games to make the lessons “fun” for kids. However, the software offer a comprehensive approach on the rudiments of music such as note-reading, scales, arpeggios, rhythm, tempos and more. The software also prepares you to practice for grades 1 to 5 piano exams for advancement. Price for this software is $40.

Choosing the best piano teaching software for your need should not be hard. There are websites offering free trial of their piano lessons online. If you are buying for your children, make sure to check out this page on best piano learning software for kids from 4 to 10 years old.

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Updated November 28, 2010
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