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What Can Children Learn with  Help of Basic Keyboard Instructions?

Learning to play piano under a music teacher may seems to be a daunting task, but one can take piano lessons online and actually learn how to play the piano.

piano-lessons-onlineIt’s possible to take free or paid piano online lessons and truly learn the rudiments of piano playing. There are a lot piano lessons for children online (and even for adults) that have been proven affective. Note though, that approaches and methodologies in teaching how to play the piano differ.

Some seek online piano lesson help because they are entry-level students, and they want to learn how to play the piano without requiring the student to read notes. Some approaches introduce basic music notations such as time signatures, rhythm, tempo, rests, staff and clefs as first steps in the process of learning to play the keyboard.

Ultimately, the latter approach is preferable. It provides students with the basics of piano with a strong foundation. This provides them with the confidence to attempt new music they encounter.

What Can You Learn from Basic Online Piano Lessons?

Middle C and Starter Keys

online-piano-lessonA piano lesson online usually offer the fundamental steps in learning how to play the instrument. The best online piano lessons take the route of starter studies where the black and white keys of a keyboard are introduced. For a starter student, looking at an 88-key piano could easily translate into a lot of notes to learn. This isn’t true. There are essentially only 12 notes to learn as the keyboard is divided into groups of 12 notes. Each group has seven white keys and five black keys, with each group starting (and ending) with C or Do.

Locating the Middle C is easy, being in the middle of the keyboard. Each group of seven white keys and five black keys is called an octave. Locate all the Cs on the piano keyboard. Once you are confident in locating all the Cs, locating the rest of the notes on the keyboard will be quite easy.

It is best to have a MIDI or an actual keyboard (acoustic or electronic) if you want to take piano lessons online. It would be hard to relate to lessons if you do not have an instrument. However, you can make a cardboard version of a keyboard initially if your intention is to learn the black and white keys first.

Black and White Keys

lessons-for-childrenThe white keys on a pianoforte are labeled as A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. The black keys could either be sharp (#) or flat (b) depending on its relation to the key of the music. For example C# is also Db or F# could be Gb. However, study of keys (major and minor) will come later. The important thing is for you to learn the keyboard, position of hands and basic fingering. Once you have knowledge of these, playing simple tunes using the right hand will be a breeze.

In most online piano lessons the instructions will naturally progress to playing with the left hand. Then, simple songs played by both hands will be introduced where the right hand plays the melody and the left hand the accompaniment in the form of single notes or chords.

Online Jazz Piano Lessons

'Autumn Leaves' Jazz piano Lesson video demonstration

A typical piano lesson online covers beginner, intermediate and advance students. However, each level is not as comprehensive as those given by actual piano teacher teachers. If you want to take a piano keyboard lesson online keep in mind that an advance pianoforte student under a legitimate teacher is much more skilled than an online advanced piano student.

Most piano online lessons start with real easy melodies and songs. As one progresses more complicated music and songs are introduced to students with simplified arrangements. If you care for an online jazz piano lesson there are some sites that offer that too. Jazz music consists more of improvisation, so you need to be well-versed about the major and minor keys before attempting to do some improvisations. However, there are some very musical people who seem to have an “ear” for music improvisations. If this is your case, you might not even need to take piano lessons online!

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Updated January 3, 2011
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