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Top Piano Learning Software for Teaching Adults & Children

With availability of various online piano lesson software, beginning students (both children and adults) can learn how to play the piano without time and venue constrictions.

piano-lesson-softwareModern piano software technology has made it possible for one to learn this string instrument without a teacher.

The piano lessons software is especially convenient for entry level adults who want to learn playing piano at their own pace, time and at home environment. Most adult beginners want to learn piano fast and without much hassle.

Some want to develop musical skills, while others may want to impress family and friends that they could play the instrument. What ever your motivation is, a digital software can help you accomplish that goal in a short space of time.

Why Buy a Piano Learning Software?

Enrolling in a once a week piano lesson is fine, especially for children, but entry level adults (who do not have the inclination to be future concert pianists) can take advantage of a piano software to “teach” themselves the basics of playing music.


DVDs on how to play the piano and piano keyboard software are available both offline and online. There are numerous piano music software from different online stores available for purchase. It is possible to pick out one piano lesson software and learn the rudiments of music playing in a jiffy.

True, the nuances and right touch of piano playing might not be imparted through computer piano software, but most of these software are for entry level “pianists”, who would probably enjoy playing ensemble music with their keyboards. Since inexpensive piano lessons are now available through the internet, anyone who has access to the internet and has a basic electronic keyboard can “play” the piano.

The price tags on these learn to play piano software programs and courses are quite affordable. However, it is a hard task to choose which piano lesson software that is most suitable for you.

Consumers should be aware that most of these “learn to play” the piano programs are hyped-up. Certainly, there are some legitimate piano software that are effective in teaching adults and children.

What to Consider When Buying Piano Lessons Software?

piano-teaching-softwareThere are different types of programs available online. It is best to purchase a software that gives members access to an exclusive website where they can download other lessons and features online.

Piano lessons in the form of E-books and audio files are not very effective, because visual aids (videos) are important aspects to learning quickly and efficiently.

Effective keyboard software should be easily accessible. The software should be instantly downloadable. The program should have a wide range of progressive music pieces that will make the lessons interesting. The number of tutor lessons per package is also an important consideration.

Click here for Piano Learning Software for Children - Fun, Easy and Interactive Lessons. These are sold in DVD/digital file packages and are geared towards kids ages 4 to 10 years old (or adult beginners). And here are another two cheap MIDI Piano Teaching Software Reviews.

Two Adults Top Piano Lesson Software Reviews

Here are the top two piano lessons software available online for adults:

Learn & Master Piano

Review of Session 1 Results

is one of the most detailed and thorough course in learning to play the keyboard. The course is not really inexpensive, but is still a good value for money.

However, the package is not downloadable from the internet as it is composed of 14 DVDs containing 28 in depth sessions, and more than 120 audio tracks from the inclusive 5 audio CDs.

The piano course is very easy to follow and highly organized. The teaching style of Will Barrow is thorough, concise and very easy to understand. Following the course is very manageable.

It has a 60-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee. Regular price is under $150. The package is offered on sale once every two months.

Rocket Piano

Overview of what's inside the package

is downloadable from the internet. The package includes 3 e-books, 13 video files, 126 audio files and bonus e-books and games. This program is highly convenient as it is computer and internet based.

The program is paced according to the student's progress. The practiced methods offered by the program are quite thorough thereby eliminating a steep learning curve that most newbie piano students encounter.

The piano lesson software includes a 165-page piano e-book for beginners, a 65-page book for intermediate pianists and a 59-page pianist book for the advanced students. Included in the package are fingering techniques and exercises, introduction to jazz and even Gospel piano music.

The program might be a little intimidating for those who are not well-versed in using the computer and the internet. Pegged at $39 this piano lesson software is a very good deal for the money. Offers 60-day money back guarantee.

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