Piano Learning Software
Fun and Easy Piano Lessons Software for Beginners

Piano learning software is a type of computer program that teaches entry level on how to play the piano.

piano-learning-softwareThere are piano lessons software for intermediate and advanced students too. Advancement in technology made it easier to learn how to play the piano without spending a lot of money for each lesson.

You can learn the rudiments of music, note reading and piano playing. There are some learn to play piano software that integrates composition and improvisation.

Each to “learn piano software” has its own merit as they present learning to play the piano is different methods and approach.

Why Piano Lesson Software is Good for Beginners?

The piano is a very versatile instrument. Most musicians start their career by studying how to play the piano first. Piano lessons are expensive and time consuming. Advanced or proficient and professional pianists spent a lot of time and money for their lessons to be at the level they are in now.

PianoMarvel - New Software for Learning Piano

However, if all you want to be is a “pianist” who could entertain family and friends, then piano learning software is for you. This software will also be ideal for entry level children whose parents are eagerly “pushing” them to learn how to play. There are interactive keyboard lessons that children from 4 to 10 will enjoy.

Dexterity in playing the piano takes years and years of practice. Even if you get to play the piano fast and without much fuzz, do not expect to do arpeggios, octaves and scales exercises with ease.

It is all about practice, practice, practice. Go ahead and try piano chord software or a really comprehensive program. Once you have the basics of piano playing, stimm keep practicing!

There are many piano software available online. Some programs offer DVDs and CDs for the complete program while some offer downloadable programs online.

Some cheap piano keyboard software offer basic chording only, while some offer an impressive progressive program starting from entry level up to intermediate and advance. Some programs offer very basic rudiments of music like note reading, time signature and the likes.

Popular Piano Learning Software for Children & Adult Beginners

Instrument Master

instrument-masterwas conceptualized and developed by Greg Evans. He is an accomplished pianist, violinist and composer who has been teaching music for over a decade. The course comprise of conducting piano lessons with the use of audio and video clips.

The lessons also include exercises for the student to learn how to read notes, key and time signatures, rhythms, tempo and even chord progression. The downloadable software contains more than 200 lessons, sheet music and a bonus guitar, bass and drums lessons. For the price of $30, this program is a steal. This program has a 4/5 star rating from consumers.

Piano is Fun

piano-is-funis a “fun” interactive learning piano software that was developed by a musician cum software developer for his young nephew to learn how to read sheet music and play the piano. The software teaches the students how to read treble and bass notes and find those notes on the keyboard.

The software is animated and colorful making it easy for children to follow the instructions without losing the element of fun for them.

In truth, this course is more about learning to read music than a course in piano playing. However, this is a good pre-course to study before actually starting lessons on any musical instrument.

Though this piano lesson software was designed with kids in mind, the program bodes well for adults too. The software is instantly downloadable and for a mere $30, this is a good value for the money. It has a consumer rating of 4/5 stars.

Piano Wizard

piano-wizardis different in its approach as piano learning software. The program is based on a number of interactive video games where an entry level student will start playing songs through video games and will finish the course playing classical sheet music. The software includes a MIDI keyboard color coded to match the video games.

Lessons are introduced in a form of video games using a 4-step system that proved to be easy, entertaining and effective in teaching children (and adults) how to read music and play the piano.

Though this learning software basically comprised of DVDs and CDs, its online site offers thousands of downloadable songs for a small fee. Customer support is the best. Pegged at $599 this piano learning software is not really expensive considering the features it offers.

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Updated November 27, 2010
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