Piano Bench Cushion
Fabric Types and Cover Materials

The standard piano bench is sized at 14" X 30" with a height of 20". Most of these benches are made of solid wood such as birch, oak, mahogany or walnut.


Unlike adjustable artist benches this type of bench has no upholstered padding. A few hours on an unyielding bench is uncomfortable so a piano bench cushion is desirable at this instance.

The variety of available cushions online is quite large. There are different thickness of piano bench pads, sizes, materials and colors available online. There are also quite a number of manufacturers that offer this product so finding the right pad is not a problem.

Sizes of Piano Bench Cover

The usual thickness of a piano seat cover is 1 inch. There are some sites that offer 2 inches padding for additional cost. The sizes of piano bench covers differ for each manufacturer. Here are some of the more common sizes of piano bench cushions made by Jansen.


  • 12-3/4" x 25"
  • 14" x 25"; 14" x 28"; 14" x 30"; 14-1/2" x 33"; 14-1/2" x 35"
  • 15-1/2" x 32"; 15" x 40"; 15" x 48

Jansen cushions are tufted one by one with an inch thick padding of polyurethane foam. The cushion is attached to the piano bench by means of three strings that goes round and under the bench and tied securely under it. The padded cushion need not be the exact size of the piano bench as Jansen designed the cushions with rolled edges. The cushion can be an inch or so shorter or longer than the bench. If there is no exact size for your piano seat, get one that is slightly bigger. Most of the piano bench cushions are reversible. You get two designs for the price of one.

Different Materials Used for the Cushions

Piano cushions come in different materials. The most common is corduroy. Jansen's cushions are made of cotton corduroy and are available in 17 solid colors. Price range is from $62 to $84 depending on size.


Soil and stain resistant tufted piano bench cushions of acrylic polyester velour are also available under generic brands. The cushion has rolled edges so exact size of the length and width are negligible. Each cushion has an inch thick of padding finished by piping on the rolled edges. Cushions are secured by three tie strings and are completely reversible too. They are available in the following sizes:

14" x 25"; 14" x 28"; 14" x 30"; 14" x 32"; 14-1/2" x 33"; 14-1/2" x 35" and 15-1/2" x 32"

There are other sites that offer piano bench cushions made of suede, fancy upholstery in different patterns, tapestry fabric, velvet and chenille. These fabrics are durable and color fast. The velvet material is unlike the velvet used for dress as this has short pile that wears well. Some manufacturers will accommodate requests for thicker padding at 2 inches instead of 1 inch for an additional $10. Generic brand are cheaper at $40.

Advance and even entry level musicians are friends of padded piano bench. A hard unyielding bench is not advisable especially if you use the keyboard for hours on end. There is no cause for worry if the cushion will go with the general motif of the area where the keyboard is since there is a whole range of piano cushions that you can choose from. Here are some sample materials.





Fancy Pattern

Remember to make sure that the material used is soil and stain resistant. Make sure you order the correct cushion size by measuring the bench and making allowance if the seat is beveled.

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