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The first Kurzweil keyboards that came out in the early 1980s astounded the music industry.

kurzweil-keyboardsKurzweil was an electronic keyboard that sounded like a real acoustic piano.

Major brands of electronic keyboards have all the bells and whistles of Kurzweil workstations, but none have the authentic acoustical piano sound of their keys.

Kurzweil Keyboard History & Background Information

Raymond Kurzweil was a computer scientist and speech recognition expert.

He was a successful inventor and helped a lot of people who are blind and with reading disabilities to read. He established Kurzweil Music Systems in direct answer to American singer and composer Stevie Wonder to have a keyboard that sounds like an authentic acoustic grand piano, guitar and violin yet has the capability and flexibility of an electronic keyboard when it comes to composition.

The Kurzweil 250 was the initial product of Raymond Kurzweil. The sound it produced sounded like an authentic grand pianos that not even professional musicians could tell the difference. The product was expensive ($10,000 in the 1980s) that only professional musicians and record studios were able to afford it.

Later, more affordable models ($2,000 in 1986) came out for music enthusiasts. The company was ultimately sold to Young Chang in the 1990s, but retained Kurzweil as consultant until 1994.

Retired - Used Kurzweil Keyboards

What made Kurzweil pianos really outstanding on top of its good-as-real acoustic sounds and its operating system is the fact that a Kurzweil is never outdated, only upgraded.

This means that an older Kurzweil model can be upgraded to a newer digital unit.

Kurzweil-Micro-EnsembleFor those struggling musicians and enthusiasts Kurzweil made it possible to get the keyboard, piano, Kurzweil synthesizers sounds and more of an authentic electric keyboard through the highly innovative Kurzweil Micro Ensemble.

The module is set up in the front panel of a keyboard, keyed and adjusted to the right channels.

There most popular keyboards of Kurzweil were the Kurzweil K-2600 series. It was labeled back then as the complete workstation. Some of its winning features were:

  1. Kurzweil 76 key-note semi-weighted and 88-note fully weighted action keyboard versions
  2. 48-voice polyphony in combo with 192 oscillators
  3. 4 MB memory upgradable to 128 MB
  4. Full MIDI controller and over 450 programs
  5. A 32-track sequencer with full editing capabilities and more

When compared with the newer models, the retired models of the Kurzweil do sound like the newer models but with more digital innovations, programs and memory storage capacity.

New Kurzweil Keyboards for Sale

Kurzweil Professional Keyboard series are the PC3 Series, PC3LE Series, SP2/3 Series, Series and the Mark-Pro “S” Series and the new SP4 and PC3K Series. All series are technologically updated and are compatible with MAC and PCs; have USB port for uploading and saving data and more.

Kurzweil PC3 Series includes the:

Video - Hear how PC3x Kurzweil sounds

  • PC3X - 88-note performance controller
  • PC3 - 76 -note performance controller
  • PC 361- 61-note performance controller

This series has 128 voices high-caliber sound quality including Kurzweil's triple strike grand piano sound, hundreds of new Kurzweil sounds for the drums, guitars, basses and synthesis to meet every taste and style.

Kurzweil PC3LE Series comprised of:
  • PC3LE8 -88 note performance controller
  • PC3LE7 - 76 note performance controller
  • PC3LE6 - 61 notes performance controller

The PC3LE series is known for its musicality, great sound and performance. It is easy to use due to the new streamlined user interface.

Kurzweil SP2 & SP3 Series

Kurzweil Stage Piano SP 76 Keynote

This series is classified under “stage” piano but is actually portable and has the capabilities of electronic Kurzweil keyboards. The sound is at par with higher models of Kurzweil:

  • SP2XS - 88 note stage piano with removable speakers and Kurzweil keyboard stand
  • SP2X- 88 note stage piano
  • SP2- 76 note stage piano
  • SP3X - 88 note stage piano

This series is ideal for songwriting and practice as it comes with 64-prerecorded drum rhythms and a metronome.

Kurzweil SP4 Series

SP4-7 - is the new and improved SP76. This model is popular because of its very affordable price but without compromising the Kurzweil keyboards sound. Its make is patterned after the features of the PC3 line.

Kurzweil Mark-Pro “S” Series

KURZWEIL Mark Pro One i Performance

This line comprise of two portable digital pianos that are perfect for homes, churches, schools and other small function halls. The line produces great sound and has the qualities and innovations of the other pricey Kurzweil keyboards and workstations.

  • Mark Pro TWOiS digital piano
  • Mark Pro ONEis digital piano

Just out from the production line is the PC3K8 .It is an improved version of the PC3. It is the top gun of Kurzweil PC3 line with a claim of bridging the past successes and current innovations of Kurzweil.

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