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What makes KORG keyboard piano so unique is the fact that it has none of the cheap metallic sound.

KORG-keyboardFor high knowledgeable musicians, i.e. composers and arrangers, the brand of the keyboard they use is vital. How can one produce a good composition, improvisation and music arrangement if the sound coming out of the keyboard is akin to the plaintive “meow' of a cat with its tail stepped on? That's just one of the reasons why musicians choose to play on KORG keyboards.

How KORG piano sounds like?

The sound produced on a KORG is rounded, warm and lush. The string section is delicate yet precise. The flutes sound light and sweet.

The KORG electric piano has a very smooth sound with a good timbre. However older models do not possess a great KORG piano sound. The basses and brass are deep and resonant including the chorus. The sound of a KORG is brilliant and crisp.

KORG has retired a great number of products since its inception in 1963 by Tadashi Osama and Tsutomu Kato. Osanai was a university graduate student who played the accordion at Kato's club.

Osanai found the rhythm machine he used inadequate so he enjoined Kato to invest on a rhythm machine that he will design and produce. The product was called DA-20 or Donca machine. Released on 1963, the initial product was successful.

Eventually the duo established KORG (K for Kato, O for Osana and RG from oRGan) and proceeded to produce KORG electronic keyboard and synthesizers.

KORG Legacy Digital Keyboard

Korg Legacy Cell Demonstration by S4K

KORG has “retired” a lot of their keyboards. They have stopped the manufacture for those units for they can no longer be upgraded to the higher technology models.

Some of the notable legacy products are: KORG Triton; KORG Wavestation; KORG I series; and more.

The keyboard Trinity KORG was a very popular line back in the 1990s. The KORG Trinity keyboard line was a workstation that was classified as a serious keyboard synthesizer because of its incredible sound and synth possibilities.

Back then a 24 MB internal PCM ROM was the tops and so were the 256 programs and 256 combinations in banks A & B. Though no longer in production there are a lot of used KORG piano keyboards available online.

KORG Keyboards for Sale

KORG piano instruments are now classified into workstations, synthesizers, PA series and of course the KORG digital pianos and organs.

KORG's musical keyboards are perfect for both beginners and professional musicians. Cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas have always been integrated in every KORG musical instrument.

KORG Music Workstations

Electronic KORG keyboards have a line of compact music workstations that are easy to use, lightweight yet very powerful in terms of sound and quality. Currently there are five models under this line of KORG:

Korg M3 keyboard Workstation Demo

  • M3 - This is the 3rd generation M1. This model has 697 MB of PCM that makes it possible to produce thousands of sound variations and expansions. Top of the line workstation.
  • M50 - This is a portable version of the M3 and is a favorite because of its functions packed into its streamlined case. It has a 256 MB of PCM of data for a combo of 608 programs.
  • OASYS -Stands for Open Architecture Synthesis Studio. It is a workstation that is a culmination of a synthesizer, 2nd generation KARMA technology and studio-quality effects and sounds.
  • TR - This is a more affordable workstation. It has a 64 MB ROM and a Hyper Integrated (HI) sound. It has all the bells and whistles of a KORG keyboard workstation but on a less grand mode.
  • MicroStation - This model is for the beginning musician or a professional keyboardist.
KORG Synths

KORG's synthesizers have long been known for their wide range of instrumentations that have brilliant sounds and highly intuitive expression.

Operating a KORG synth is easy. The numerous buttons and switches are easy to tweak as long as you know the algorithms and parameters for the combos and programs that you want. The line consists of KORG MIDI synths, keyboard synthesizers and music synthesizers:

Korg MicroKorg Video Demo And Review

  • MicroKORG - is a synthesizer vocoder that has an analog modeling and multi-level band vocoding. It has 37 keys and 128 programs that are rewritable. Very affordable.
  • MicroKROG XL - Patterned after the RADIAS synthesizer, this portable unit even has a gooseneck microphone for instant synthesizer vocoding. Editing software is downloadable from KORG's website for free.
  • Microx - This model is a portable and compact music synthesizer with sonic power and is compatible with computer-based systems.
  • R3 - is another synthesizer vocoder that is also a music synthesizer. This 37-key portable unit is capable of enhanced and sophisticated sound creation.
  • Radias - this 24-voice synthesizer vocoder has a wide range of synthesis algorithms, multiple effects and combos. New OS is downloadable from KORG keyboards' website.
  • X50 - is a music synthesizer with 512 professional quality sound programs patterned after the Triton series. With 384 combi each capable of 8 programs for more complicated sounds.
  • MicroSAMPLER - is a sampling synth keyboard equipped with banks of sounds ready to download free from KORG's website.
  • PS60 - is a designed for performers with access to KORG keyboard sounds of piano, electrical KORG pianos, strings, organ, brass and of course, synth.
KORG Arranger Keyboards

The KORG Arranger series possess outstanding sound and cutting edge effects, state-of-the-art styles and spontaneous ease of use. This Arranger keyboard from KORG is perfect as a workstation and as performance keyboard:

Korg PA2X Pro Professional Keyboard

  • Pa2XPRO - is a professional arranger as it completes musical ideas into complete arrangements and productions.
  • Pa50SD - is an upgrade of the PA50, a very popular model. The sound of this model is patterned after the Triton. It has an improved sequencing function and very powerful performance qualities and more.
  • Pa500 - This interactive arranger keyboard is the perfect keyboard accompaniment for composers, musicians and performers at all entry levels. The RX technology provides great sound quality with uber cutting-edge technology for arranging and composing.
  • Pa500ORT - This KORG keyboard professional arranger is specifically designed for Oriental and Middle Eastern musicians, composers and arrangers. It has the added features of sounds and styles used in Middle Eastern music.
  • Pa588 - This arranger keyboard is sonically identical to the Pa500. but has an 88-note keyboard of KORG that has an authentic acoustic piano sound.
  • Pa800 and Pa800 elite - This model is a professional arranger with built-in speakers. It is designed for professional and serious musician. It has an 80GB memory hard disk and an MP3 with a playback and encoding feature.

KORG has a line of KORG digital piano and organs too aside from its line of keyboards, guitars, drums and other accessories. Owning a KORG keyboard player is a fine choice.

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