How to Play Keyboard
Quick eMedia Piano Starter Pack vs. Virtual Computer Comparison

How-to-Play-KeyboardIf you want to learn how to play keyboard piano, you are not alone. There is no need for you to pay expensive fees for formal lessons if all you want to attain is to be able play the piano or keyboard for your own entertainment.

There are a lot of free downloadable software and programs that can teach you how to play the keyboard easily.

There are also paid software and downloadable programs that teach you how to play piano in very simple and intuitive steps.

eMedia Play Piano Keyboard Starter Pack

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The eMedia learn to play keyboard program, Starter Pack for Dummies, offers a fun and easy way for entry level adults and children on how to play keyboards. Included in the package is a 61-key MIDI keyboard (full-size) with built-in speakers, an AC adapter, 300 instrument sounds and an LCD display and a USB-MIDI interface so you can connect the keyboard directly to your computer. It is necessary to connect the MIDI keyboard to the computer because step-by-step lessons will be implemented through interaction with the software.

The program has more than 150 detailed video lessons explaining the correct way on how to play piano: proper fingering and hand position; rhythm and tempo; reading notes; chords; intervals and scales. An on-screen piano teacher will provide instructions and demos to teach you. A complete eMedia Play Keyboard Starter Pack cost just under $150.00, inclusive of the USB-MIDI keyboard and free shipping in the USA.

Learning to How to Play Keyboard on the Computer

In this era of high technology, there is no need for you to actually own a keyboard in order to play and produce music. You can play piano with computer keyboard simply by downloading program like VirtualPiano or Midi-Piano Plugin.

How to use computer as a midi keyboard video instruction

Once downloaded, your computer keyboard turns into a “piano” keyboard as each letter on the PC keyboard match up to a piano key. Most virtual pianos can correspond to a 61-note electronic keyboard. You can change the style and instrumentation and even record your music to play virtual keyboard after.

For you to learn how to play keyboard using your PC, source for free online programs that will teach you how. You can start off by trying the sample music that comes with the free application. You can also source for “compositions” done by other virtual piano users.

It goes without saying that fingering will be entirely different from that of an actual piano keyboard. However, there is no cause for worry as web applications such as these include complete mapping of PC keyboard keys to actual piano keys. For example, middle C (do) is the letter A on the PC keyboard and C# is the letter W. Sustenuto with a virtual piano is funny though as it sounds like a trill.

An option to “play” the keyboard by clicking each key with a mouse is possible. You can also opt to change your instrument from electronic keyboard to piano, flute, strings, saxophone, guitar and double bass. You can also opt to play virtual drums keyboard by simply clicking “drums” on the option. Click “drum beat” for your accompaniment and rhythm.

Learning how to play keyboard is easy. You just need to find the right application or software and in no time at all, you could be playing sweet music!

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