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Reviews of Free Online Keyboard Lessons for Kids and Adults

There are many legitimate free piano lessons online available for entry level students.

free-piano-lessons-onlineIt does not matter how old you are because most of these free online piano lessons claim that their programs were designed for both young children and adults. Most of these free online keyboard lessons boast of fast and easy methods of learning to play.

The techniques vary from one website to another, but a constant is that these online free piano lessons culminate in the teaching of their online students how to read and play sheet music.

Many of the sites offer free video piano lessons online in addition to their regular lessons. This aids the student in learning by not just reading but also having visual cues to follow. Most of the sites also offer paid versions of their lessons for those students who wish to take a step further. Often these lessons are more in-depth.

Popular Free Online Piano Lessons

Example of free video lesson from LearnPianoOnline

LearnPianoOnline is a website that offers piano lessons online free. All you need to do is sign up and click the confirmation link that will be sent to you via e-mail. After the confirmation you will then be given a link that will allow you to start your free online keyboard lessons. It’s a good idea to bookmark the page for easier access. You are given two options on how to receive your free piano lessons online. The first is by downloading a file and printing the lessons out. The second is to access the lessons online.

The free piano course has 70 pages of easy step-by-step lessons on the rudiments of music, locating middle C, correct fingering, music staff and clefs, time signature, rhythm and notation. The course is so easy to understand that even someone never before exposed to the keyboard will be able to comprehend the lessons. The student is taught that the right-hand thumb is numbered 1, the pointer as 2, the middle finger as 3, the ring finger as 4 and the pinky as 5. A sample song would therefore be presented as:

Where 1 is C, 2 is D and 3 is E.

For tempo, the word tick-tock is used to mean the equivalent of a single beat.

The numbering gradually tapers into actual notes. The tick-tock tempo is eventually replaced by actual a time signature and values of notes, and from there on sight reading will follow a natural and easy course. The lessons are supplemented by short free video piano lessons online by the on-screen teacher. Included in the lessons is access to bonuses such as an audio instruction on how to play a song without even reading notes. Following the free piano lesson online, students are encouraged to further their education by becoming members of the website, for a fee.

Free Gospel Lesson Online Piano Course

Gospel chords course - demonstration

There are many Gospel free lessons available. Choosing which one is best is a matter of opinion.

If you are interested in playing Gospel music there are a few sites that offer free piano online lessons for Gospel music.

However, the lessons are not designed for entry-level students. They require the student to have a piano background to understand concepts such as major, minor, augmented and diminished keys, chords and improvisations.

Evangelistic Piano is one such website that offers free piano lessons online focused on Gospel music.

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Updated January 4, 2011
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