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Beginning Piano Lesson on Fingering and Key Notes Basics

If you have always dreamt of playing the piano but has always been deterred by lack of time and “resources” there are now easy piano lessons online offered either in digital files or on site lessons.

easy-piano-lessonsBeginning piano lessons need not be off-putting as piano lessons have become more interesting and fun, thanks to technology.

Type in beginner keyboard lessons in Google and a whopping 11,000,000 websites relating to the topic are available for you to browse. There are definitely different approaches and methods employed when teaching entry level students and what works for one student does not necessarily work for another. Even the most reviewed free easy piano lesson site is not a guarantee that it will be the “best” learning course to another person.

The important thing here is to search the web or actual bookstores for an easy piano course. Beginner keyboard course books start from the beginning ground zero then progress to intermediate level and then finally to advance level. Note though that courses offered online are not as comprehensive as actual piano lessons.

No matter how useful technology is, there is no substitute for a real-live piano teacher who will not only teach you the foundation of music and piano but also the nuances and “emotions” of great piano-playing.

Beginner Easy Piano Lessons on Fingering and Key Notes

Do not be daunted if you see this:

beginning-piano-lessonsThe keyboard is labeled with the letters A, B, C, D, E, F and G with the corresponding so-fa syllables. The staff below shows the counterpart notations for the said so-fa syllables. At first glance, the whole group of figures and notations can be overwhelming. The technique here is to actually sit in front of any digital/electronic/acoustical keyboard and locate the middle C. Do not mind the notations on the staff first. Press the middle C with your right hand thumb, the D with your pointer and so on until you reach G or so.

Fingering is shown below:

fingeringThe right hand and the left hand fingering are shown here. Number 1 is Do, 2 is Re, 3 is Mi, 4 is Fa and 5 is So. To play the whole octave of Do to Do, press 1, 2 and 3 which is do, re mi, then pass your thumb under and press FA with finger number 1 (thumb), press 2 for SO, LA with 3, SI with 4 and the higher DO with 5.

Now you have played a whole scale which gave you a clear idea of how fingering progresses. Easy piano lessons basically start with five-finger lessons so there is no need to worry about complicated fingering.

Note that there are some sites that offer beginning piano lessons without having to deal with notes, staff, clefs and time signature. These sites teach entry level students on the rudiments of chord playing. The music lessons are geared towards developing instrument playing by “ear”. However this type of lesson will not fit everyone as not all people are gifted with the ability to “hear” music and intuitively play them on the keyboard.

Everyone has a sense of music. It is up to you though to develop it. Learning to play the pianoforte is a way of developing one's musicality. Playing the piano is enjoyable, fun, calming and a good stress reliever.

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Updated January 2011
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