Casio Keyboards & Digital Pianos
Lowest Budget Prices and Best Value for the Money

The Casio keyboard is fast upgrading its models to be at par with the best piano brands.

casio-keyboardCasio electronic keyboards are generally cheaper when compared to other manufacturers with the same functions and features.

For beginners who want the best value for the money - Casio pianos are one of the top choices .

At the same time, Casio musical keyboards and workstations may not be at the same rank as the top brands in the world, but there are models that are apt for experienced musicians and performers.

The sound quality of higher-end Casio piano and keyboards are getting better and almost rival more established players.

Short Casio Keyboards History & Background Information

Who would have thought that an electronic company that specializes in calculator would go into the manufacture of electronic keyboard?

Casio Computer Co., Ltd was founded in 1946 by Tadao Kashio. The company expanded into the production of wrist watches and was even the pioneers in quartz technology.

In the early 1980s, Casio introduced its first electronic keyboard. Though the sound produced by the first generation Casio keyboards sounded thin and metallic, they were still best sellers for the beginning “musicians”- both children and adult.

Casio Electronic Keyboard Products Overview

Casio musical instruments cater towards a wide customer base.

Casio has upgraded its musical keyboards line and offers one of the best price to features ratio. In a nutshell, the same features and functions offered in a Casio is definitely lower in price than its competitors.

The sound produced might not be as “great” but the newer models of the Casio piano keyboard have caught the attention of experienced musicians.

Casio Portable Keyboards

Casio's line of portable keyboard is designed for entry level and even intermediate musicians. The series have the following models:

Casio CTK-731 Video Demonstration

  • Casio CTK-2100 - is a 66-note piano-style touch keyboard with 48-note polyphony. It has 150 rhythms and a voice pad. Can be connected to a CD or MP3 player and whole range of features and functions.
  • Casio WK-200 - is a 76-note piano style touch keyboard with 180 rhythms and reverbs and a digital effect for the chorus. It has 570 tones and has innovative features such as audio input for an MP3 and a microphone, a USB port and Casio's step-up lesson system.
  • Casio CTK-500 - This is the best Casio keyboard model in the series. It has a 61-note keyboard with a piano style touch keys, 200 rhythms and reverbs including a digital effects for the chorus and 670 tones. Added features are audio inputs for an MP3, USB port for MIDI and a pitch wheel.
  • Casio CTK-400 - has the same feature as the 500 model but has only 570 tones.
  • Casio CTK-300 - same as the 400 but has only 400 onboard tones. This Casio electric piano is very affordable at $160, brand-new.

Other models are: Casio CTK 1100, CTK-240, WK-210, CTK-700, CTK-496 and CTK-230

Casio Workstation & Higher-grade Keyboards

Casio's workstations come in industry's lowest prices at less than $500.

The line is suitable for budding musicians who have the budget to buy more expensive models but dare not because they're only starting up. The line is also suitable for advanced musicians who have the talent (but not the budget) to buy a workstation:

Casio WK3800 Performance Demo

  • Casio WK-500 - is a 76-note standard size keyboard with 2-sensitivity levels that can be turned on and off. It has 48 note polyphony and 670 built-in tones, 10 reverbs, 5 choruses, a recorder, a metronome and more. This Casio electric keyboard has 152 built-in songs. Keyboard can be transposed by one octave higher or lower including semi tones. It has a USB interface, SD card slot and an input for an MP3 player and more.
  • Casio WK-3800 - like the 500, this model has 76 notes with the same piano style sensitivity touch. Though it has only a 32-note polyphony it has 894 built-in tones, USB and MIDI port, a sequencer, 182 rhythms, digital effects for reverb, chorus, DSP and EQ and is compatible for internet downloads. This Casio digital piano is top of the line for it also integrates modulation wheels and pitch bend.

The higher-grade electronic keyboards like: Casio WK-7500, WK-650, CTK-7000 and CTK-5000, are for the professionals. They are Casio music keyboard models for live gigs, arranging and composing and music classes. The tonal quality of this series is high and with a great array of tones and rhythms.

Casio Lighted Keyboard

This Casio series is an improvisation of the Casio CTK series. The difference is that the keys light up as a guide for beginners.

The Lighted Keys Casio keyboards are ideal for adult beginners. Each model has a voice pad function, from 400 to 570 built-in sound, from 150-180 rhythms, step-up lesson system and an input jack for an MP3 and a microphone.

Models are: Casio LK-230, LK-270, LK-100, LK-120, LK-300 TV and LK-110 pianos.

Casio Mini Keyboard Series

This line of Casio keyboard is very popular as it is compact and portable. It has 100 tones, 8-note polyphony and 50 built-in patterns including 5 Indian rhythms.

These Casio pianos have 44-note mini keyboard and can run on 6 AA batteries, (also equipped with an AC adaptor). Examples of models are: Casio SA 76, 77, 46, 47, 35, 5 and MA-150.

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