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Reviews of Casio CDP100, Privia and Celviano Electric Piano

Casio digital piano is available in two major series: Casio Privia and Celviano digital piano.

casio-digital-pianoCasio Privia boasts of a realistic acoustical grand piano sound including the nuances of pianissimo and fortissimo.

Compact and light, the Privia line also has the tones of pipe organs, strings and more with a key feature that allows the simultaneous playing of two tones and a split feature that allows the keyboard to split into two different tones.

The Privia Casio digital pianos editions are:

  • PX-830 BP - The use of new linear morphing AiF sound source makes “playing” this model a pleasure. The 3-sensor hammer and action on the keys is a pleasure to the touch. With 16 tones for varied sound experience the unit also has ports for USB, a pitch bend wheel and line out.
  • PX-830 BK - This model has the same qualities of the BP series. The difference is in the casing. This 88-keys Casio digital piano is a joy to play.
  • PX-730 BK/730 CY - Like the 830 series has 128-note polyphony. The qualities are similar to the 830 series aside from the streamlined casing.
  • PX-130 BK - This portable digital piano produces extremely good quality tones. Casio PX130 would suit most homes, churches and schools.
  • PX-330 BK - This portable Casio electronic piano has the tone and sound quality of the larger models. It has 88-keys with a scaled hammer action. This model is great for the home, stage and music studio.
  • PX-410 R - This model has fewer features than the other models but is a synthesizer with a 16-channel mixer function.

Casio Celviano Series

The Celviano Casio digital piano series is the right musical instrument for beginners. It's very affordable and is sure a great value for its price. Generally the functions are easy to manipulate and the keys are weighted enough for a real piano touch. Here are some of the popular models in the Celviano series.

Casio CDP-100 Review

  • Casio CDP100 digital piano has 5 different sounds: grand piano; grand piano2, electric piano, harpsichord and the strings. The grand piano sound is acceptable so are the harpsichord and string sections. Casio CDP 100 is a great jazz accompaniment but the grand piano 2 is not at par. Casio CDP-100 is a plug and play piano but does not have a metronome that could be useful for beginners.
  • Casio AP80 - This one-man band could bring the sound of a complete orchestra. It has a whole range of accompaniment, built-in tones and instrumentations and an expandable library of 80 songs downloadable from the It features Casio's HL sound and a scaled hammer action keyboard for an authentic "feel" of a piano keyboard.
  • Casio AP24 digital piano has adjustable scaled hammer keys which feels heavier in the lower register and lighter in the higher keys. The sounds are from acoustic instruments backed-up by a powerful chorus and reverb effects and sound system. The two pedals are for a dedicated damper and sostenuto feature. The Casio AP24 digital home piano has an overall high quality sound and a real piano touch. Easy to use and best suited for beginners and intermediate level students.

  • Casio AP-500 Sample Video Demo
  • Casio AP45 - Its 88 weighted hammer mechanism is akin to a real grand piano. This Casio digital piano has 64-note polyphony where the pianist can simultaneously play 32 notes. The built-in 16-tones are as close as they can get to an acoustic piano where the integrated ZPI sound source is tweaked based on the pianist's touch and chosen programs. It has an integrated metronome to help beginners with their rhythm and timing. This model is adaptable for computer downloads and files transfer.
  • Casio AP38 - A full 88-note keyboard that has a recording feature. Other notable features aside from the usual 64-note polyphony and built-in sounds and tones (grand piano, honky-tonk, electric piano, harpsichord, vibraphone, and even synth pad and more) are its 17 digital effects and tone layering and split key function, transposition and tuning capabilities and metronome.

Other models under Casio digital pianos are: Casio PS20 (which some reviews say are at par with the pricier KORG and Roland); AP 220; AP 420 and AP 620.

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Updated October 16, 2010
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