Yamaha YDPS31 Arius Console Piano

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Yamaha has an extensive line of digital pianos and ARIUS is one of them. The ARIUS line is Yamaha's answer to the growing demand for an affordable, high-quality, entry-level digital Yamaha upright piano.

The Yamaha YDPS31 ARIUS Console piano is a popular model in this line. Even advanced and professional pianists approve of the Arius Yamaha console piano.

The ARIUS line provides superb acoustical sound through its Graded Hammer keyboards system and patented AWM stereo sampling technology used in all Yamaha digital piano products. The touch, feel and sound of an Arius are quite authentic.

Pros of a Yamaha YDPS31 ARIUS

Yamaha Arius YDPS31 Sound demo

Though this model is not exactly at the top of the line of Yamaha's expansive line of keyboard products, the YDPS31 Arius features a graded hammer keyboard, which means that the lower register keys are heavier to the touch while the upper register keys are lighter to the touch. The weighted-key is essential for a digital piano.

Since this line also features the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) system, different sounds on varied levels of fortissimo down to pianissimo are recorded to match the waveforms of an acoustical piano. The result is superb digital sound and tone that can be set to soft, medium and loud. The recording for each note is done using a Yamaha full grand piano which makes it possible to produce subtle nuances and timbre of tone.

The 88-key YDPS31 ARIUS is one of many Yamaha upright pianos that are aesthetically pleasing. It's compact, needing little space to set up, and includes a music book with 50 favorite piano pieces for each of the built-in songs included in the software.

The digital upright piano has 88 keys, like a full piano. It has 64-note polyphony, four different reverbs, a built-in metronome, a recording and playback component, a MIDI and a damper pedal with sostenuto, soft and half-pedal effect.

Cons of Yamaha YDPS31 ARIUS Console Pianos

Costing under $1000 the YDPS31 is not exactly cheap, but not expensive either. There are brands and models that you can buy for half the price. Some owners find that the upper register keys, above C6, have a metallic sound akin to a synthesizer. At this time, no technology could duplicate the authentic sound of an acoustical piano to perfection.

The Verdict

For those who want to play the piano without actually training, the Yamaha YDPS31 Arius console piano is a perfect choice. This is also a good choice for entry-level students and hobbyists who like to play on occasionally. Click here to find the best discounted price online with free delivery (US only).

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