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There is no doubt that Yamaha is the world's leading brand in digital pianos. Its line of Arius and YDP models are backed by hundreds of thousands piano teachers who own Yamaha digital pianos.

These teachers recommend the CLP, CVP and YDP lines for their students. The Yamaha YDP223 digital piano is a favorite choice because of its classic aesthetics that add to the elegance of any home.

Pros of the Yamaha YDP223

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The Yamaha YDP233 piano is not an independent keyboard that needs to be screwed, bolted or plainly placed on top of a stand. This model has its own cabinetry designed simply yet elegantly. There is no need to buy accessories such as music stand, keyboard stand, power supply and benches, as these are all-inclusive.

It goes without saying that each Yamaha digital piano is equipped with the Graded Hammer Effect or Graded Hammer Standard or Graded Hammer. The Yamaha YDP233 piano has a GH that imitates a grand piano effect. The sound quality is superb because of the use of AWM stereo sampling tone generation. This technology makes it possible for any pianist, entry-level or pro, to enjoy the sound and feel of a real acoustic grand piano that never has to be tuned!

The keys can be tweaked to make it harder or lighter to play. The voices are very authentic. The orchestra and choir are superb! The layering of the piano and strings produce rich and full tones. The sound of the YDP233 is truly vibrant. It is the next best digital piano model after the Clavinova. The 50 pre-installed songs and sheet music are great bonuses.

Since the Yamaha YDP233 piano has a cabinet, assembling the unit is a must do. Assembly of the digital pianos is unbelievably simple. Anyone with a screw driver can do it. The 88 key Yamaha keyboard might be too heavy for some though.

Cons of Yamaha YDP223 Digital Pianos

For a full keyboard, the YDP233 digital piano is so light, at only 121 lbs., that it does not have a solid grip on carpeted flooring. A medium-hard nudge can topple the light digital keyboard. Light as it is, the YDP233 is not portable so don't expect to take it on gigs. There is no recording option, as the Yamaha YCP233 digital piano is an older model.

The pedal also seems to be too fragile for comfort and it clicks. There is a MIDI connection but you would have to buy your own cable.

The Verdict

Overall, the Yamaha YDP223 digital piano has a consumer rating of 4.9 out of 5. Pegged at $1,800 this digital piano is more expensive than other brands, but it's definitely cheaper than a quality acoustical pianoforte.

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