Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano

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Not every gigging musician can afford an expensive Yamaha stage piano. The Yamaha CP33 stage piano is a big step up from the P-series. It has the same rich tone, timbre and touch of the CP300.

This stage piano is a good choice for a gigging musician-on-the-go and for any piano hobbyist who prefers a first-rate digital piano.

Pros of the Yamaha CP33 Piano

Yamaha CP33 Digital Piano keyboard sound demo

The Yamaha CP33 piano is equipped with the standard features of all Yamaha stage pianos. This 88-key stage piano has the Graded Hammer Effect keyboard that has an authentic touch of a real acoustic piano. It has the AWM tone generation system that produces sound akin to a real acoustic grand piano tone.

The three-layer stereo samples offer a wide range of expression that is usually only evident in acoustical pianofortes. The tone produced is vibrant and you can in fact hear harmonious overtones when you play the CP33.

This musical instrument is a great choice for a traveling musician going on gigs. The keyboard is very portable, weighing only 40 pounds, and it can be easily carried around, set up and folded down. Should you care to use it for your home, the CP33 won't take up much space.

For emerging or professional composers, the Yamaha CP33 is equipped with connectivity to the computer for recording of your performances and for composing and arranging songs. The panel lock system is handy during performances.

At just under $1,000, the Yamaha CP33 piano is a good value for money. It is more expensive than other brands but the quality of tone and touch, and the features more than make up for its price.

Cons of Yamaha CP33 Stage Pianos

It has a limited polyphony of 64 notes. If you are a professional gigging musician, this could impair your performance when at the height of your performance. The musical instrument is light and can easily be dislodged from its stand. This keyboard has no internal sequencer, 50 original voices, more than 400 XG voices and 12 drum kits and more.

There is no music stand, so you have to order this as an additional accessory. It would have been more convenient if the Yamaha CP33 had a built-in power supply, and the cord itself is quite flimsy. Also, the reverb is limited.

The Verdict

With an average rating of 9.5 out of 10, the Yamaha CP33 stage piano is one of the best buy for its high quality sound and performance for under $1000 bracket. Click here to find the lowest price online and order it now (US only).

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