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2011 Advice & Tips to Buy the Recommended Best Digital Piano

Welcome to PianosGuide! This site will help you find and buy the best digital piano, keyboards, acoustic baby grand, studio or concert grand pianos through extensive list of reviews.

You'll also find guide on antique piano value appraisal, where to buy replacement parts, source used pianos for sale online and more. Just browse the categories below to get the information you need and make informed purchase decision.

Digital Pianos & Electronic Keyboards

best-pianosBest Digital Piano Reviews
Top 10 Best Rated Electric Pianos for 2011

The guide will help you choose & buy the best digital pianos for 2011-2012. Read reviews of top rated pianos for beginners, studio, stage, concert, portable, cheapest, best value for money, luxury baby grand, acoustic sound and real key-touch/feel categories...

casio-reviewsCasio Keyboard & Casio Digital Piano
Lowest Budget Prices and Best Value for the Money

Casio keyboards are fast upgrading to be at par with best digital pianos brands. The cheap Casio electronic keyboard from Portable, Lighted Keys, Casio Privia and synthesizer series...

kawai-reviewsKawai Digital Piano
Reviews of Kawai Electric Pianos For Sale

The Kawai digital pianos truly capture the essence of authentic acoustic piano in sound, touch and weight of the key. The Kawai electric Concert Performer, Artist, MP5, PN, CN, CP, CA series...

KORG-reviewsKORG Keyboard
Reviews of Korg Electric Piano - Why It's the choice of Professional Musicians?

Comprehensive overview of electronic KORG keyboards, professional KORG pianos, synths and workstations. Demo and detailed reviews of KORG Legacy, Trinity, Arranger, Wavestation, MicroKorg...

kurzweil-reviewKurzweil Keyboards
Music Systems Reviews

See the full list of new Kurzweil keyboards for sale, prices information, history, watch video demonstrations and hear how Kurzweil sounds when the music is played.

roland-reviewsRoland Keyboard
The MIDI Roland Electronic Keyboards, Amps & Workstation

Japanese Roland keyboards are synonymous with superior quality performance. Check out why you should buy Roland MIDI keyboard controllers, amplifier or synthesizer from Juno, Fantom, Prelude, ...

roland-reviewRoland Digital Piano
The Best Electric Pianos with True Acoustic Sounds

Upright Roland digital pianos have a real, crisp and clear acoustic sound with best natural response, thanks to Progressive Hammer Action. Endorsed by Elton John, Roland piano...

Technics-reviewsTechnics Digital Piano
Blend of Electric Keyboard Features with Acoustic Pianos Touch & Feel

What is Technics pianos sound quality like? How do the keys feel and touch? Find out in this complete Technics electric piano review.

Technics-partsTechnics Keyboard
The Search for Technics Electronic Keyboards for Sale

Most owners were concerned as Technics keyboards replacement parts might be no longer available. However, repairs service are still plentiful, especially for famous models like Technics KN7000 Keyboard.

Suzuki-reviewsSuzuki Keyboards
Which One is Best to Buy: SP-67, SP-47 or SP-37?

Looking to buy Suzuki keyboard, but can't decide? Portable Suzuki music keyboards give what you need at affordable prices, no matter if you are a student, a tutor teaching music or a professional stage performer.

yamaha-reviewsYamaha Keyboard Reviews
Yamaha Electronic Keyboards & Digital Pianos

Both consumer and musician Yamaha keyboards reviews indicate that Yamaha has just the perfect pitch. From entry-level portable PSR,  to DGX, Clavinova Yamaha digital piano, professional stage Motif...

yamaha-digital-reviewsYamaha Digital Pianos
Yamaha Clavinova Electric Piano Comparison

Endorsed by Elton John, Clavinova Yamaha digital piano is rated as one of the best brands to buy. From digital grand piano to entry level Yamaha electric piano from MODUS, ARIUS, CLP and CVP series...

Upright, Baby Grand Pianos & Concert Grands

Chickering Piano Value
The antique Chickering pianos for sale are the collector's dream instrument. Learn more about Chickering grand piano, the Square Empire, Traditional Style Quarter Grand, Rococo, Semi-Concert, Victorian and more.

Howard Pianos History
What is the true value of used Baldwin Howard baby grand piano? Is it any good? The label Howard Piano Company of Cincinnati, Ohio was part of the largest American-based vertical and upright manufacturers in the history during...

Knabe Pianos Quality
What to consider into Knabe piano prices? This review covers variety of Knabe grand piano, baby grands and upright models, as well as information on build quality, materials used...

Lester Pianos Reviews
What is Lester Piano value appraisal? Upright Lester Betsy Ross Spinet piano and baby grand models were key players during the American Golden Age of production...

Samick Piano
Samick was founded by Hyo Ick Lee in South Korea, beginning with making upright pianos, and later branching out with Samick baby grand piano and concert grands, as well as digital lines.

Schimmel Pianos
Schimmel has four lines of vertical and horizontal pianos. Schimmel Konzert, Classics, Vogel and May Berlin. Buying a used Schimmel grand piano for sale is favorable as long...

steinway-reviews Steinway Pianos
Upright & Grand Steinway Musical Instruments

The legacy of Henry Engelhard Steinway, the maker of the Steinway piano models, continues after more than 150 years since its founding. Steinway grand pianos traditionally took a year to build each...

Suzuki Pianos Review
Suzuki piano is a famous name not only in Japan, but all over the world, for having the largest line of educational music instruments. Here is complete list of mini, baby grand and Suzuki upright piano reviews to help you decide if they are any good.

yamaha-grand-reviews Yamaha Grand Piano
Baby & Concert Grand Prices & Models for Sale

The most sought after baby and concert Yamaha grand pianos are labeled: A1, GB1, GC1, GC2, C1, C2, C3, C5, C6, C7, CF IIIS, S4, S6, CF4, CF6 and CFX. The upright Yamaha Disklavier player...

Weber Pianos
Are voted as "Better Quality Consumer Grade Pianos" by many musicians and expert reviewers. The line consists of Sovereign, Albert and Weber Legend. If you are looking to buy used Weber baby grand piano for sale, find out what is a good price and order online with confidence.

Wurlitzer Pianos
Here is a complete list of Wurlitzer upright piano and reviews of antique Wurlitzer piano value for models: Studio, Kingston, Strad, Farny, De Luxe Miniature, Parlor, Concert, Queen Anne, Louis XV and Butterfly Grand.

Piano Articles & Buying Guides

learn-piano-online Learn to Play Piano Online
Reviews of Virtual Keyboard and Free Piano Lessons

What methods of learning are available today for the beginning students? Most entry-level learn piano online courses or virtual keyboards lack sufficient instructions...

beginner-piano-lessons Piano Lessons for Beginners
Free Online Beginner Keyboard Lessons and Music Books

Those seeking beginner piano lessons have many options, including easy to follow beginner piano music like simple Blues, Jazz and Gospel songs; and free keyboard lesson books for kids, young children or adults.

piano-softwarePiano Lesson Software
Reviews of Top Piano Learning Software for Teaching Adults and Children

A piano teaching software is the cheapest way to substitute for a real piano tutor. Keyboard piano software programs, like Rocket Piano, Learn & Master Piano, eMedia, Instrument Master, etc. help beginning students (both children and adults)...

piano-prices Piano Values Appraisal & Piano Prices Guide
Comparison List of: New, Antique Baby Grand & Upright Used Pianos for Sale

Here are some buying tips to help you evaluate and learn how to estimate the costs of new or antique piano values.

piano-moving Moving a Piano by Yourself
DIY Baby Grand Piano Moving with a Dolly

How to move a piano inside a room or a house? From upright to baby grand, moving pianos with equipments, like a dolly, will remove the heavy weight lifting job and make it a safe transport without dangers or risks.

player-pianos Antique Player Piano Rolls
QRS Production & The Value of Old Piano Music Rolls

Learn how to determine the value of antique piano rolls from dealers, different types of vintage used music rolls and see how the old QRS piano rolls for sale were made.

piano-seat Piano Bench Types
Should You Buy Deluxe Padded, Adjustable or Duet Stage Seats?

There are three major styles of piano benches: Adjustable, Double and Duet seats. Here are some useful tips on selecting the right size, style and color, comfort level and best prices...

digital-piano-keyboard No matter what you music playing style is, there is always something to suite you personal taste and budget level.

Just like many of you, I simply love playing piano. When I bought my first Roland digital piano in 2007, it took me over two weeks just to do the research.

First, it took me several days to learn about different manufacturers and come up with a good list of piano brands.

Second, I spent hours digging through forums where people discussed various electric piano models to find out which one performed the best and gave the most value for money.

Good digital pianos are not cheap... if not say - expensive... so for me it was a serious investment and I wanted to make an informed purchase decision. There is nothing more frustrating than spending your hard earned savings (which for many of us is a long term commitment) to only end up with unsatisfying sound quality or unrealistic feel and touch on piano keys.

Now, that I have experienced it all, I want to save you from the hassles I had to go through and many expensive lessons I had to pay... but wish I could avoid!

While I have not personally bought or played all the models mentioned in the digital piano reviews on this site, I did a thorough research for each review, dug through tons of forums for information, tips and advice from piano players and actual owners, and than summed up only the most important notes that you need to know.

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